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Could Mahathir be in early stages of Alzheimer's?

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According to a local paper, 'the Star, Mahathir is reported to have said, "Opposition leaders who met with me before they were arrested under Ops Lalang in 1987 should own up."

“It happened over 20 years ago. I met them but I cannot remember the faces of those people, I certainly remember that Karpal (Singh) was not one of them and I think (Lim) Kit Siang is one of them,"

I think I believe him, but I do not believe he does not know the "opposition leader" he spoke to, it was not opposition leaders but  a lone opposition figure from the DAP.

Yes,  from the DAP maybe, at that time he was a leader and a very middle of the road guy, who preferred to dwell on local issues of his constituents rather then the politics of the nation.

He was romoured to be a special branch agent within the DAP, but was so popular with his constituents that it would have been impossible for the DAP to have removed him.

Mahathir Mohammed met this man and if I am not mistaken it is on record, but the reports of that time indicated that the meeting was after the arrest.

Like all such people he left the DAP, has not uttered a bad word about the party since then and has not really dabbled with politics with the exception  of being a voice piece and  PR man for the BN in caring for problem people.   

How's this man doing today?

Well much better then his ex-DAP counterparts, he was well rewarded by Mahathir or shall we say the regime, and he is extremely comfortable in his present position, or positions if I am not wrong.

Mahathir Mohammed I have given you the clue do you now remember?

His constant forgetfulness seems to suggest early symptoms of  Alzheimers and if he still can't remember he's got to go for an urgent blood test.

Read the fine print below, the devil is in the details.

"the Malaysian Indians used to drink an illegal brew made by  local Chinese brewers, it was bootlegged   in the bushes and got its name they used to call it "Lallang Tani," meaning lallang water or "LLT"  in short. LLT  hmmm.....seems to be very familiar initials not confined only to  this brew.

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  1. Forgetfulness in certain subjects; and rememberance of other things? If he wants to forget certain things which he can actually remember; and wants to remember other things which he can actually forget, then he is neither he nor there.
    ISA was meant by the British to nab terrorists; and with the end of the Emergency, it should have be abolished. But, no, it could be a convenient tool to lock up Opposition leaders and those irritants who prick BN and its leaders!
    Even now, if Najib wants to abolish it now, it could be done! But will he do it now?
    " Performance now? He could easily call a special parliamentary session; and just abolish it! There is no need of AG's chambers!

    Dr. M, being in power for 22 years, could have done it; but he did not wish to do it! The Police advised against it? Then Malaysia was a Police State then! The IGP or the PM was the boss?
    Even, Badawi, his successor, could have done it; but he did not! The IPCMC, recommended by teh Royal Commission on Police, could be established! But no, he , too, had no guts to do the right

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