Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's get Mahathir to shut up and shut him out.

I do not think it will be too formidable a task to shut up and shut out  this insolent senile old idiot.

How can that be, we have seen Hosni Mubarak, kicked out in recent week, Mubarak was a dictator and a Military man, whe was kicked out without any trouble.

The Colonel Gaddafi, the most powerful of  Arab dictators, a man who openly supported terrorists activities, if you remember the 1973 attack on the AIA building in KL by the Japanese Red Army, and how they left for  Libya with Malaysian hostages.

In the eighties there were Malaysians who were offered money  by his regime if they were prepared to go to Libya for terrorists training, if anyone had taken it I have no clue, but that Gaddafi did finance the Moro Liberation front and that Tun Datu Mustapha was a beneficiary to such funding is no secret.

I am sure you remember the Lockerbie bombings, and with all that he was still immune to any form of reprisals from the affected countries, this man who sits on one of the world's biggest oil deposits has thought himself invincible and has now to face the reality of losing his throne.

If this man can be deposed, why not this interfering,  senile old idiot called Mahathir Mohamed?

This  man had no credibility at all, he is in fact what we call lallang, he is afraid of people who are better then him, or nearly as good as him.

He thrives in supporting the cause of another idiot Ibrahim Ali, and he does it knowing that Ali may be able to help his cause.

Just before he left office at the time he sacked Anwar and the Malays rose up agaisnt him, he called them stupid, he said it was the Chinese who were the backbone of this country, then he said no matter how much you help the Malay he can't progress. he spoke like the true non Malay he is.

Today as he runs his son Mukhrizs' campaign to become PM, he goes back to the Malay, telling them they do not have to be apologetic for their failures, and the Chinese should not be jealous of Malay wealth.

There is no such thing as Malay wealth all that has been taken form the Malay by the likes of Mahathir Mohamed, under the guise of Bumiputera businesses. All those Bmi allocations have gone to his childrenand his cronies, some even believed to be fronted by other people on his behalf, and the ordianry Malay deprived of everything.

To keep the Malay quiet he had ASM and ASB so that they could get some money, but the bulk went to his children and his cronies. Some of his cronies turned against him and he can't do a thing because they'll expose him.

The corruption and crooked deals are what has made him subservient to the Police and the MACC, if he goes for them they'll go for him, its I scratch your back you scratch mine thing and he understands his place.

He was smart he made sure everybody had some dirty linen in the closet, very dirty linen, and with that he controlled them.

He now want's to make a comeback, I'd like to hear Mukhriz say we'll fight to the last bullet, this is it this must surely be it let us rid ourselves of this pest.

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