Thursday, February 24, 2011

28 February Boycott Print Media Day

Sedition "guidelines"  to be introduced to shut you up!!!

"The Kingdom Can Strike Back."

Let us Act Now to protect and safeguard our freedom!!!!!

Boycott the mainstream media on 28th February 2011.

Main Stream Meaning the daily newspaper you read everyday, "The Sun" may be excluded.

The government has begun to act in preparation of the next General Elections, and from lessons learned from the previous General Elections they are wary of the power of the alternative media, the media of the people, for the people and by the people - the true democratic media.

This is  the very media who were very responsible for loss of the two thirds majority of the Barisan Nasional government and the fall of five states in the peninsular to the opposition in the 2008 General Elections.

Contrary to what the printed media says about the people having lost trust in the opposition and are gaining confidence in the government , there   is a real possibility that the damage could be even worse come the next elections to the Barisan Nasional and, that is why Najib is so careful about not rushing into a General Elections to test his popularity, it is reported that the alternative media has the ammunition to attack the present day government and deal it with a nasty blow that could even cost them Putrajaya and, Najib is fully aware of this possibility.

In anticipation of this the Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein   has fired the first salvo.

He  has announced that Home Ministry will release its guidelines on sedition that will include online publications like news portals and blogs then retracted it in the face of popular objection.

According to sources, "the guidelines were in the pipeline to counter the rising trend in 'sedition' and 'libel' cases involving online media and social sites."  what this means is that the BN government is finding it more difficult to hide their wrong doings. They instead use the print media to come out with false reports about the opposition as has been witnessed several times, by the media controlled by them.

"Sedition" means in UMNO terms, anything anti UMNO or for that matter BN, except if you use derogatory terms against the Indians and Chinese that is highly encouraged by UMNO and tolerated by the MIC and MCA as has been done so many times in the past.

These 'Sedition guidelines"  are  in stark contrast with the "the freedom from censorship granted to online content by the Bill of Guarantees, signed during the formation of the Multimedia Super Corridor."

The question is now how will Malaysians be able to access the truth if this is allowed to go through?

The people are being robbed of their freedom by this intimidation, and how do a people intimidated so, respond?

For starters let us  boycott all main stream media officially on February 28th.

Why February 28th, because February 28 will give us the time to organise an effective boycott.

This email will be read by at least 500 readers on this blog  alone.

For starters Toffeesturn is   asking all of you who read  this to send it out to at least fifty people, if you could do more the better, it has to reach as many Malaysians as possible, no signatures necessary, just do not buy your daily papers on that day.

Tell  your newspaper vendor not to deliver on the 28th of February day, give him a holiday.

It will be nice if the alternative media allows free viewing on that day.

Let us also try and give Saturday 28th February a try, even if it affects 10,000 readers. We may never know the real damage.

But if we succeed they will know one thing for sure, that,
"The Kingdom Can Strike Back,"  in a peaceful manner, after all these papers belong to them, lets tell them we have the power to close it down. this is how we deal with them.
Boycott all mainstream media, all the newspapers owned by the BN and its cronies.

Send out immediately !!!!!!! to all you know.

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