Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ahmadinejad: "It is your right to be free. It is your right to exercise your will and sovereignty"

Mehdi Karrubi lecturing in Zanjan universityKarroubi via Wikipedia

Whilst the Tehran  Times carried an article by Chandra Muzaffar glorifying the Egyptian Revolution, titled The Egyptian revolution: The triumph of human dignity, and other news in relation to events in Egypt the paper remained silent about the protests taking place in Iran.

Addressing the Egyptian people, Iranian President  Mr. Ahmadinejad said: "It is your right to be free. It is your right to exercise your will and sovereignty."

After having said this to the Egyptians  who live in a totalitarian state, Iran with all its so called model government is brooking no freedoms, their Members of parliament are calling for the death sentence on two opposition leaders Mir Hossein and Mehdi Karroubi who they have already placed under house arrest.

On the one hand we have the Iranian leadership praising the Egyptians, for their triumphant success in overthrowing the regime of Hosni Mubarak and on the other they will have  none of it in Iran.

For that matter even Chandra Muzaffar of  "Just World," has elected to remain silent and turn a blind eye, he'd probably blame the west for this uprising in Iran.

In Egypt they called for the  sacking of Mubarak and in Iran they are now calling for the sacking of  "Sayyid Ali" a reference to the country's  Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Iranians are out in the tens of thousands, this could escalate, but in an Islamic republic like Iran, confrontation of these demonstrators with gun power is an option. The Iranians have come out in full realization of the risks involved and the official news agency has reported one death so far, although the unofficial count is said to number about nine people dead.

Internet services have been drastically slowed down and is expected to be shut down as more and more people are using the net to communicate timings and  modus operandi for protests.

These shock-waves have hit the current  Iranian regime, the Iranian people seem to be emboldened by the events in neighboring countries and seem to have taken a cue from their president, Ahmadinejad, "It is your right to be free. It is your right to exercise your will and sovereignty"

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