Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time for the Tamils to break loose

"The Naan Tamilan nee Tamilan attitude has to be discarded now!!!"

Yes it is time for the Tamils to break loose, break loose from the shackles of MIC and the many Indian politicians who claim to represent the "Indian Cause" including HINDRAF and it's Hindu Rights Party.

The  "Indian cause" these people talk about is in India maybe but not here and no one in this country really represents that cause for the good of the Tamils.

If there is a Tamil cause it is the cause of one individual or another who uses it and for some of the  Tamils who support him for his own cause.

The real Tamil cause in this country is to be less Tamil (Indian), and be more Malaysian.

When a Malay uses the work keling it is taboo to all Tamils, I realise the Malay will not tolerate anyone saying something about his race, it is taboo and he will not have it, the entire race will not have it.

The Malaysian Tamil has to go to other countries where Indians have gone to in similar circumstances as they were in Malaysia and see the difference.

The Trinidadian Indians are not afraid to own up to their indentured labour status, they say it with pride, because from those beginnings they evolved into a force in that country made up of Europeans, Syrians, Chinese and Africans, they play a major role in the economy and government of that country, they never looked inward they were Trinidadians first and last, they are proud of their heritage but ask them what they are and they'll say it loud, "Trinidadians."

Take a look at the South African Indian, who was subjected to apartheid rule, he does not know his roots, he'll tell you maybe Madras, he's not really sure, it does not matter anymore, because as far as he is concerned he is African. there are the Fijians, the East Africans, the Hong Kong Indian community, the communities of Indians in other parts of the world who have pride of place, they do not see themselves as Indians first,  and those who do not make it are those who'd still cling on to their roots, and if you are one such person go back, go back to India.

The Malaysian Tamil has to be more Malaysian and less Tamil, more Malaysian and he must integrate. To do so he has to shun the Tamil School that is the root of Indian marginalization, it is there plainly because it serves the interests of the Indian politician, the Samy Veloos, the Subramanaims and the Uthaykumars, without it these people have absolutely no power, it is because there are Tamil schools that issues of marginalization arise and the Indian politician thrives at the expense of the Tamil educated Indian in Malaysia.

Tamil schools in this country lack the excellence,  the underprivileged Tamil school student requires to be  pulled  out of the doldrums. It is bad enough that these children come from very difficult backgrounds, their parents most of whom do not even understand what good education is all about have hardly any time to focus on eduction as bringing food to the table for these underprivileged children is the priority.

This is the breeding ground of Indian politics, this is the advantage the Indian politician sees to enrich himself, the middle class Indian who enters the fray with a sincere intention to serve is fast side tracked with some land grant, or some other material incentive and his direction immediately changes, he gets sucked into the web of the opportunists, or he moves out and wants nothing to do with the system.

The answer lies in getting rid of Tamil schools, teach Tamil as a language in schools where there is a sizeable Tamil student population, or take Tamil language classes elsewhere if the Tamils are really keen on their children learning the language in preference to everything else, take a lesson from the Sikhs, they teach their children Punjabi.

Finish the Tamil schools, and finish the MIC and other Tamil based political parties and the Tamils will be far better off being Malaysian first and Tamil second with the "Naan Malaysian nee Malaysian" attitude.

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