Sunday, June 17, 2018



Will the Keris vanish if Zahid wins.

Khairy Jamaluddin the son in law of the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia could be starring at a permanent knock out of UMNO if he does not take his chances and join in the fray for race to the Presidency of the party.,
Fortune favours the brave - Is he Brave enough?

"Fortune only favours the brave" and this guy is trying to play his father in law's passive strategy, stay quiet, keep a  low profile and win the spoils that is what Badawi did in UMNO and despite backing Tengku Razaleigh in his bid to oust Mahathir he was the only one who survived that elections and came out a VP with the highest amount of votes.

Razaleigh then quit to form Semangat 46, and Badawi  from then on played and maintained a low profile only to begin making his voice heard once Anwar was sacked  becoming Deputy head of UMNO and eventually Deputy PM and PM when Mahathir resigned.

Now Razaleigh the born loser in UMNO or rather the man born to lose in UMNO is attempting a last bite at the Cherry.

The Kuli who was born to lose

Khairy must realise that much has changed since then, his father in law was easily moved aside, he was nothing but a stop gap PM and a stop gap UMNO head and Khairy will be lucky if he can achieve even that by trying this passive game today, much has changed not all UMNO members are
At Best an also ran
stupid, many intellectuals walk the corridors of UMNO observing and biding their time, they will serve when gentlemen lead.

Is Khairy a gentleman? At least even if it was late he was brave enough to openly declare that it was the decision to remain quiet and not warn Najib about Najib's on standing that cost he party the elections, the oldder generation and the UMNO Stupids chose to remain quiet even then and are all in  a state of denial to this day.

This is the Golden opportunity for Khairy to join in the fray, the "oldies" and not all mind you,  will go out to support Kuli,  then you'll have the "stupids" who will back Zahid and that will leave Khairy with the young  and the levelled headed who are dying to rid UMNO of the menace caused by the "Old" and "Stupid" schools from within UMNO, the type who believed the idiotic statements of their leaders when they said Kit Siang would become PM if UMNO lost, this window of opportunity is ipened only if Khairy himself is not one of the many stupids in UMNO>

There are the young turks  and although I am familiar with a few of these professionals from Johor and Melaka their support is most certainly not for the old or even for the stupid, they seem to have a strong influence behind the curtains of UMNO, they have foretold today's  UMNO predicament over and over again and worked tirelessly for it and I have written about it in  since the 2013 elections.

At the 2013elections they told me and I reported that the solid wall that BN and UMNO had in Johor was crumbling, during this elections they told me again and they said the loss will be significant and there is a huge possibility of Johor falling and it fell.

These are patriotic UMNO members, in fact prior to 2013 if you look at toffeesturn reports they even said they do not mind losing the elections and allowing Anwar to become PM, because that would give them the opportunity of purging UMNO of all these corrupt leaders at every level.

All these came to pass, and they are watching they want this old guard to go ahead and destroy themselves for  good before they come in with a "vengeance' to take it over>

"Khairy can be part of the solution if he is proactively involved and takes a firm stand now, talking after the failures like he did after the Malays tsunami is  of no use, it will only prove he is an opportunist with no regard for UMNO and the future of the Malays as is with Zahid., Razaleigh and the rest, till today even after all that exposure they still back Najib and term  all that is being exposed about him 'fitnah'  whichthey know the "stupid" part of the party will buy, they have no sense of responsibility or ownership, they  have been part of the problem and we see it very clearly now more clearly than ever before," said Daud the Johor UMNO member a professional from the private sector he only tells me to refer to him as Daud and that is the only name I know him by.

"We'll give Khairy Jsmaluddin the benefit of the doubt when he says, he regrets not having given Najib the real picture, even though we really think he is a coward, we like to think he is an intellectual although we have our doubts, we can work with him and give him all our support if he declares his stand to contest these two imbeciles right now, because right now UMNO requires a face the party is  familiar with and Khairy is such a person, if he is willing to commit and really come out to start anew to put the party straight we are with him, if he does not take this opportunity he will be deemed in the enemy camp and we are out to get him and the rest, now we have the time, as we know that after the scandals are all revealed, Najib and Rosmah jailed and more ex-UMNO ministers, including leaders from the various BN parties too suffer the same fate for corrupt practices we can move in and clean up the act with relative ease and rebuild a reputable UMNO,a party in which my father was founder member, a party my father travelled the country in a Morris Minor to tell the Malays then what UMNO was all about, a job he was so proud of having done although at the end of it he was a nobody but an ordinary member when Merdeka came.."

"We'd like to do it now and believe that Khairy can help UMNO and the Malays do it, but if he chooses to stay out he does so at his own peril,' said Daud.

In the run up to the 2018 elections I received many  comments some threatening others abusive from what was probably BN supporters.

The comments the blog received were that I was talking nonsense, were threats all from anonymous readers, except for one from the BN in Sabah.

Everything that the Johor young turks said prior to the elections were spot on, and now if Khairy loses this opportunity he will lose everything he has in UMNO for good, because after this they'll come out in full force to create a showdown and and go for every Zahid, Kuli and Hisham including Khairy if he is not willing to break ranks now and show that he is committed to change.

So this looks like Khairy Jamaluddin's last chance to make a career for himself in politics,  he will certainly not be wanted in Pribumi or PKR and the only avenue left to him maybe PAS or even probably the thought of forming his own party.

Saturday, June 9, 2018


We sing in our National Anthem the Negara-ku;
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta

Which when translated means:
May God bestow blessing and happiness
May our King have a successful reign.
Having said that let me remind all Malays that it is not Raja Melayu but Raja Malaysia, it is not Sultan Selangor Melayu but Sultan Selangor and so on and so forth.
The Royalty has log been looked up by the Malays as Raja Raja Melayu, but no according to our Constitution they are Our Royalty and that means mine as well, I am a Malaysian but not a Malay, and so when you insult the Royalty you insult me and other Malaysians not only the Malays.
The recent writings by Malays insulting the rulers has gone a bit too far, I realise we are a democracy and have the right to question almost anything in the country but let me warn you, to go about making allegations that may not be true opens those who do  so  to the possibility of being sued by the royalty or the state  if your allegations are false but woe betide you.

I think their Royal Majesties must take all these people who have insulted them to court and sue them, bring them to court and make them responsible for the statements they have made proving to the rest of Malaysians that they are not true and completely false.

Their  Majesties have a duty to do that to safeguard themselves,  the integrity of the office and  the name of the Royal Household  and to put a stop to these people especially the Malays who are beginning to belittle them. This must be done to stop them undermining the Monarchy.

We are a Constitutional Monarchy and the Institution of the Monarchy is so important in our Country. The Kings have a very important role to play in the country, therefore  the institution of the Monarchy must be respected, because the King and his brother rulers are the most respectful persons in the country as  they are the  the heads of  Islam in the country in their respective States and Islam is our official religion.
Now does that not make them respectable persons?

So especially to the Malays especially because you are Muslims and we are not Muslims, remember that the King and his sbrother rulers are our Raja Raja too.
I say don't anger us by making baseless insults on our King and the Sultans because they are not only Raja Raja Melayu who belong only to you  but they are our Raja Raja as well.

Monday, June 4, 2018



Just blank out that name.
The Prime Minister of Malaysia
Thomas the Train???

Let's talk about the candidate for the position of Attorney General in Malaysia

Who decides to pick the candidate for the position in accordance with the law?

This appointment must be done in accordance with the Federal Constitution. 




The Attorney General is the principal legal adviser to the Government. His role and responsibilities are provided for in Article 145 of the Federal Constitution. Article 145 of the Federal Constitution provides:

(1) The Yang di-Pertuan Agong *shall, on the advice of the Prime Minister, appoint a person who is qualified to be a judge of the Federal Court to be the Attorney General for the Federation.

(2) It shall be the duty of the Attorney General to advise the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or the Cabinet or any Minister upon such legal matters, and to perform such other duties of a legal character, as may from time to time be referred or assigned to him by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or the Cabinet, and to discharge the functions conferred on him by or under this Constitution or any other written law.

(3) The Attorney General shall have power, exercisable at his discretion, to institute, conduct or discontinue any proceedings for an offence, other than proceedings before a Syariah court, a native court or a court-martial.

(3A) Federal law may confer on the Attorney General power to determine the courts in which or the venue at which any proceedings which he has power under Clause (3) to institute shall be instituted or to which such proceedings shall be transferred.

(4) In the performance of his duties the Attorney General shall have the right of audience in , and shall take precedence over any other person appearing before, any court or tribunal in the Federation.

(5) Subject to Clause (6), the Attorney General shall hold office during the pleasure of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and may at any time resign his office and, unless he is a member of the Cabinet, shall receive such remuneration as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may determine.

(6) The person holding the office of Attorney General immediately prior to the coming into operation of this Article shall continue to hold the office on terms and conditions not less favourable than those applicable to him immediately before such coming into operation and shall not be removed from office except on the like grounds and in the like manner as a judge of the Federal Court.

Please note the words in item (1) above; the word "*shall" is is used and it is important to note what that word means in this case;

*"when drafting a legal document, the term "shall" is used to indicate that something must be done, as opposed to the term "may" which simply means that something is allowed". 

The term shall is used here and it simply means there is no choice and that the Yang di-Pertuan must on the advice of the Prime Minister appoint the  person the Prime Minister advises him to appoint, there is no reference to race or creed.

All conditions fulfilled the appointment must go on, no one  can introduce any other terms.

As far as Islamic law in Malaysia is concerned it is interesting to note what the Borneo Post reported some time ago;

"According to Malaysian jurist Zaiton Othman, contrary to the perception of many, Malaysia is not an Islamic country. The Federal Constitution of Malaysia provides that Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation."

The Attorney General is not the person to advice the King on matters of Islamic law,  as is clearly implied in item (3) above  Matters of the Syriah courts are beyond his purview.

The Attorney General however will advise the Prime Minister and the King on the provisions of the Federal Constitution as may from time  to time be requested by either the King, the Prime Minister, or any Minister in the cabinet of Malaysia.

What is is of utmost importance is that the person who holds the position is qualified and capable and is appointed after taking into account the best interest of the country which is matter for the government fo the day to decide.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Has  Rosamh designs for Sharizat's position in UMNO?
Now with Najib's resignation from UMNO is Rosmah mansor going to attempt a Hilary Clinton, Malaysian style?

Can she lead Wanita UMNO?
Of late Rosmah has been trying to grab the limelight again, with statements via the press asking the Police investigating the 1MDB scandal to stop leaks about the bags, jewelry and cash confiscated during the raid.

One would have expected a statement
to that effect to have come from Najib Tun Razak, but here it was Rosmah still talking down to the cops.

 "Despite the overwhelmingly trying times afflicted upon us, we have, and will continue facilitating, and avail ourselves to any requests."

“However, we would like to bring to attention about the seemingly compromised inquiry process, whereby a series of leaks pertaining to the probe has made its way into social media spheres, in real time,   enforcement agencies should not be feeding social media trolls, but observe and uphold strict professionalism at all times,” she is reported to have said..

In an exclusive interview with the UMNO owned Malay Mail she expressed doubt the current Pakatan Harapan (PH) administration would continue her Permata programme.

 "Accompanied by her lawyers, Datuk Geethan Ram Vincent and M. Puravalen and this was her first press interview since the BN lost the 14th general election and law enforcement agencies began investigating her family over 1MDB.

In an immediate response to Rosmah's call for the continuation of  Permata Face book users suggested that whatever the government decides to do with Permata, they should first conduct a complete audit of the body.

The Deputy PM has also come out saying that may continue with Permata but needed to conduct an audit of the body first.

Najibs is always "Press Shy," especially in controversial issues and more so with 1MDB, on the other hand Rosmah loves the limelight and feels she has the ability to handle the press.

Two  of UMNO's branch leaders , whom  I met yesterday told me, this, "don't write Rosmah off, we really do not know the impact she can create on UMNO, and she may just go for Sharizat's post."

Well I shared this statement with my friends and all seem to agree that this is most certainly a possibility as with Rosmah you really never can tell.

Will Rosmah go for the position of Wanita head and possibly eye the Presidency in UMNO to attempt to be the first woman  PM in Malaysia to outdo Dr. Wan Azizah?

Well you really can't tell but the more people I talk to the more are convinced that she is capable of giving it a shot.

Monday, May 21, 2018


The shape of the future UMNO will depend on the how drastic the change will be in the coming UMNO elections, and it is gratifying to know that there are those in UMNO who are not prepared to "kow tow" to the leadership's every wish to remain in power by 'proposing' that there should be no contest for the top positions.
Looks like the only choice for now

The branches and divisions that "propose" no contest for top positions are those that are really vying power themselves, hoping that the leadership will throw their support behind these branch/division  leaders  in their quest to get into the supreme council or other important committees of the organisation, or that the division leaders are cronies of the top leadership and are being prompted to do so.

Unless UMNO breaks this tradition of patronising, cronyism and nepotism it will suffer and become even weaker in the next elections.

Whoever moves into the leadership in UMNO must be willing to face reality, and give the membership the blunt truth, they have ti be brutal in revealing it, the corruption and how the 1MDB
Kalau ta suka pulak Jawa 
and the meddling of a wife destroyed UMNO and how if left unchecked it will destroy the party again.

All members who are tainted must not be allowed even up the rostrum at branch and division meetings, they should be shown the exit door and must be made to understand that they are not welcomed, this will show the those vying for the top that the new UMNO members are serious about revitalizing their party.

If members are vying top positions they must be brave to face the truth and take the leadership by storm, they must be brave to challenge the status quo, and tell the present crop that they are in this predicament because of them and there can be no excuse.

There are such members in the party today they sit on the sidelines as observers, they are intimidated
Yes Sir!!!! Typical Hussein Onn stuff clueless
but with UMNO's loss the leaders are seen as cowards who can't be intimidate any more, they do not have the influence of either the police or the law to go and intimidate these young uns  who are now rearing to go.

What about Khairy?

Well honestly in the Supreme Council he looks like the best bet for the UMNO President, but then there are others who are just waiting for the prompting of the membership to be counted. These chaps were not born into the Abdullah Badawi family, but have the qualities to lead an organisation like UMNO.

They may be green horns, but that is exactly what UMNO requires, politically green horns, they do not need the seasoned politician because the seasoned politician in UMNO is as corrupt as can be, either by way of having received gratification or having backed Najib in the full knowledge of what was happening.

Green horns will come with new ideas, they will ahve no notions of personally enriching themselves or their spouses either with cows or with cash, they will come with the idea of enriching the country by crafting good policies in the party that that they will lead to make it an organisation that the people will trust and not just follow out of fear as was the case with UMNO over the years.

Can this happen in UMNO?

According to a Melaka UMNO man yes sit can, but he reckons it will begin less radically, with Khairy Jamaluddin ousting the Ahmad Zahid/ Hishamuddin pairing and beginning his own line up.and he reckons it will begin at the next UMNO General Assembly.

This man suggests that Khairy should seek as much support from the non radical seniors in the party and he singled out Mustapa Moahmad, as "he is senior with broad experience and like Khairy is academically accomplished, if these two men click they'll rock the boat at least," he said
Mustapa was a close adviser to Najib but being a religious man kept his distance from Najib as their habits were not the same.
Broad experience, finance, education, entrepreneur Development, trade, agriculture.

He says the fight will be the most ferocious, it will be even worse than that between the BN and the Harapan at the last elections, but it will happen, and winner will take all. It will have to be even more ferocious than that betwen the Kuli and Mahathir, because this si the ultimate survival of UMNO adn if Khairy is defeated so too will UMNO be.

Thursday, May 17, 2018



For all the talk by Khairy and Hishamuddin nothing is going to happen to UMNO and it will die a natural death unless, some real action takes place and soon, within the party, there must be consensus to probably source leadership material from the outside  real leadership material as  the present crop are just useless and will not even make good penghulus.
Awaiting Justice

Khairy Jamaluddin says today he regrets not telling Najib the truth about the groundswell that was taking its toll on UMNO's popularity and its ability to secure GE14, he was probably like Najib, holding back confident that all the crooked measures put in place would steal them the General Elections as it did the last time, and more so because  this time around, with the aid of the Elections Commission and the Registrar of Societies it was made even more crooked.

 Muhyiddin tried to do just that  (see video above) and some of the very people who sat at that speech took it up to Najib to gain his favour and also the positions in party hierarchy  which today has
resulted in one becoming the President of UMNO succeeding Najib. That in the Najib era became the UMNO culture.
Ambitious since day 1 of Abdullah Badawi's term

Till the very last moment Najib was still under the illusion that he would win the elections, he felt he had successfully stolen it, Rosmah was calling around till 8.00 p.m on that night and even later to find out what was going on  and she was assured that it was going their way, till jaws began to drop just past 9.30 p.m.

Even after it was abundantly clear that Pakatan Harapan had won the elections the elections commission held up the announcements and pronouncements deliberately but denies doing so to thsi day..

Eventually the next day Najib had to concede, it was reported that one point when it became clear he was defeated he broke down. 

With Ahmad Zahid Hamidi at the helm now,  both Khairy and Hishamuddin know very well that they do not have a leader of the quality to steer UMNO and to rebrand and revive and ailing and sick party, leave alone even managing it  properly today and to add to that predicament there is Sharizat at the
Not just cousins, partners in ........
head of the women's wing, a so called leader who dared not even get herself fielded as a candidate for the GE14, who wasrejected outright out at the two previous General Elections and claims to be the leader of the UMNO women's wing today, well she is that is no claim really but that is the standard of the leadership in UMNO today.

Well if that is the quality in UMNO you'll not need a maverick to tell you where the party is headed for.

Then on the other hand both Khairy and Hishamuddin are certainly not the material to lead either, both are no leaders at best they are followers, in the mold of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Hussein Onn respectively, without a clue on how to lead but who desperately are looking to lead because they feel they are the right material and for personal gratification, not for UMNO certainly.  

Zahid who went to the UN and made a speech which many Malaysians believe he himself did not understand, attempting to sell the rebranding of the Malaysian government using the "Blue Ocean Strategy" became not embarrassed us Malaysians  but us the laughing stock of the world.

The street fighter
In the first place the question of Zahid's place of birth should be openly and transparently explored as it has been given many twists and turns, from claims of  being born in Indonesia and later in Malaysia, if  indeed he was born in Indonesia his eligibility to become a future PM is in doubt.

With the full knowledge of all this both Khairy and Hishamuddin have chosen to remain quiet and allow the status quo to remain in place with hints of what they'd like to see.
Does this silence not expose their ability to lead, if UMNO collapses Khairy may come out again and say he regrets he did not tell Zahid.

With Zahid of course Khairy can't tell him neither can Hishamuddin they'll have to announce it to the
Is this case really cleared?
membership and challenge his position if they are real leadership material as Zahid will not just cave in, he's a scheming wheeler dealer, and it took all those skills to get him where he is and he'll use
those same skills to get rid of his competition, both Khairi and Hisham know that and this why they will not dare try to unseat him openly.

Zahid is a street fighter who can land fatal blows below the belt to stifle competition and that is what frightens the two.

Their lack of daring to immediately call for change and demand that change rather than throw subtle hints and speak volumes of what they should have done and what must be done are nothing but a sham, it exposes their own weaknesses.

Looking at the present day UMNO lineup there are no people of real value in the organization who have the qualities to lead the organization, Najib was content to surround himself with "Yes Men" who'd do his and Rosmah's every bidding.

The Cigar smoking and wine drinking PM was having a gala time, surrounded by less intelligent Malaysians who would do his bidding to be rewarded by his Philosophy of "Cash Is King" and he really thought he was equipped to get away with murder which  he managed for some time  but forgot that the long arm of the law would eventually get him one day by the power of the people.

Now while Khairy laments his failure to approach Najib and tell him the "truth",  the truth be told Khairy was afraid of the consequences of what would happen if he did tell Najib and  more so if Rosmah came to hear of it..

Now assuming Khairy is telling the truth why is he still keeping it away from Zahid?  Zahid has a lot of dirty linen in the closet too, so why is Khairy not asking Zahid to open up his closet?

Well to answer that question the Zahid will do what he knows too well to do, what is an UMNO/Najib regime strategy, sack Khairy or Hisamuddin or anyone who dares challenge them and that is all Zahid knows, he'd seek help from Tengku Adnan who is also a specialist in that area.

Tengku Adnan? Oh yes that reminds me,  when is the UMNO general assembly to convene?

Can it even convene?

What is UMNO's status as a Registered Political Party having breached its own Constitution?

What has the Registrar of Societies got to say about UMNO's Status?

And Most important of all, how come no one in UMNO is even bothered with the urgency of convening  the assembly?

Where is Tengku Adnan?

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Yes the caretaker Deputy Prime Minister has promised to undermine the will of  the people post GE14.

The people and especially the Malays in the Malay heartland have to seriously consider  what the Deputy Prime Minister has told the people rather arrogantly and without regard of their  wishesin the ballot box, because he actually seems to be taking everybody for a fool, Malay and non Malay alike.


The Malays have rejected Sharizat Abdul Jalil, her attempts to become the candidate for Banda Tun Razak a seat she coveted  was rejected by the UMNO division there as they see her as a liability for
sometimes he struggles to understand what he is talking about.
that position and she and the BN decided rightfully that she will not stand in any seat as she is seen as one of the BN's weakest and most controversial candidates. that being the prime reason the leader of the powerful Wanita wing of UMNO is not standing for elections, it is akin to Khairy the head of UMNO youth not being fielded, or maybe even Najib himself as President of UMNO not being fielded.

The truth be told even UMNO members do not support Sharizat, she may have a strong support in the Wanita Wing but in UMNO as a whole she has lost her sting and is seen as more a liability.

Now the Caretaker Deputy Prime Minster  and the un-elected Deputy President of  UMNO Ahmad Zahid Hamidid has come out and thrown scorn not only on his own organization UMNO, but also on all Malaysians saying that if the BN wins tomorrow's elections Sharizat will be brought into the cabinet via the senate, what is always been referred to as the back door.

A candidate who dares not face the rakyat has no place either in the Dewan Rakyat, or even in the
Partners with similar mental capacities
Senate, both these houses ahve to be treated with respect an not with scorn, the scorn Zahid proposes, it is an insult to the King and the Country.

A people discard, whose own party had lost confidence in to be fielded as a candidate is to be recommended by the un-elected deputy president of UMNO to be brought into the candidate by the back door, a clear indication that the BN has no regard for the wishes of the people.


If you think Sharizat and Parliament are  the only cases look around, today in Malaysia right is wrong and wrong is right, the rich and powerful can do anything they wish and get away with it and will seem to be right, but the right that the ordinary man does is wrong and he will be punished for it.

Rafizi Ramli is going to Jail whilst Sharizat stands a chance fo sneaking into Parliament via the back door like thieves normally do. 

Today I received a rather interesting piece on my whatsap apparently a comment in Malaysiakini which seems to question Tony Fernandes of Air Asia, and just in case you are not privy to this letter
Forgot who sold him that Airline
let me share it with you here it is written by somebody whom I presume is a member of Air Asia as well;

"Tan Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes, please note that pursuant to clause 1.4.11 of the Company's code of Conduct, political activities are okay - but only if done outside Air Asia, and in the Directors own time and not in the capacity of an Air Asia staff. It is further stated that Air Asia does not give support to political parties, either through direct financial support or paid working time. And you shall not let your involvement in such political activities create issues of embarrassment to AirAsia.
Appreciate your clarification of the same.

I'd really like to see this man Tony Fernandes reply the above letter or is the above non existent in his Company's rule and regulations, hand book or policies and is it a figment of the authors imagination,
Is this man Tony Fernandes who wears a cap T-shirt and manages his airline just like any other worker in the airline above the Rules and Regulations of his own Company for if he is this is a clear case of how the BN's philosophies are creeping into our corporate culture and how this culture will eventually ruin Malaysia.

The Barisan Nasional under Najib has allegedly been involved in numerous financial scandals, and in brushing these scandals aside they have never been transparent, to the extent that what has been officially revealed in some of these scandals by way of audits have been made "official secrets" under the Official Secrets Act (OSA). 

Under such circumstances the rakyat have every right to assume that these allegations are much more then mere allegations they are real, very real.

BN buys itself out of almost every crime, the abundance of money being given out to voters in hard cash is plentiful and yet the Elections Commission does nothing about it, and sees nothing wrong with it, at every election there is fixed maximum amount a candidate can spend on the elections and yet even though the amount is so blatantly exceeded the elections commission has over the years done nothing to disqualify such candidates.

I had written on the day Najib took office that he had no right to the office before clearing his name on the Altantuya murder in which he seemed to have been complicit. I said that if he did then the office of tthe PM of Malaysia would be compromised, and I was not wrong. Once that office gets compromised the entire system of government gets compromised and isn't that the case now?
Australia? How he got there? I do not know - Minister of Home Affairs

UMNO's argument at the time was that he had gone to the Mosque and taken an Oath that he was not involved, and that he did not know Altantuya Shaaribu, can every other Malaysia claim the same standard of judgement in the case of murder in the country?

Why, even the police have admitted that they had not investigated Najib, both the accused were his personal bodyguards, in that capacity they took orders from him and from Rosmah Mansor his wife
Altantuya and her two murderers

and yet these two accused who had no motive whatsoever were found guilty and both Najib and Rosmah Mansor were never questioned or investigated by the police. How come?

Altantya was reported to be blackmailing Razak Baginda the Consultant in the Scorpene project, Rosamh was a partner in his Consultancy, Najib was the defense Minister who appointed Razak Baginda and a personal friend of Razak Baginda, it was in the process of the blackmail by Altantuya Sharibu that she was murdered by two of Najib's personal bodyguards, who had absolutely no motive to kill her, and yet all Najib had to do was to go to a Mosque and take an Oath to say he did not do it.

Malaysians must be ridiculously stupid, suddenly one of the accused who was condemned for murder
His wife did make reference of him not wanting to be the PM when arrested.
is now happily living in Australia, it is reported that he has a huge bank deposit there and money sufficient to look after two generation of his in Australia, one keeps wondering if a witch flew there on a broom and deposited that large amount for him there.

Tomorrow we go to the polls are we going to go there with our eyes wide open to what is happening in our country?

Are we going to put the interest of our future
generations before us or are we going to put our own selfish personal short term interest take precedence and vote the BN for a handouts whilst they rob you from the back door?
Don't ask me, I know nothing

Are we going to get rid of tyranny and introduce a system of governance that is fair and equitable to all Malaysians?

Are we going to allow ourselves to be victims of continued rising prices, through low productivity, corruption, and daylight robbery of our national wealth by those in power?

Are we going to say enough enough enough, we want a fair and just Malaysia we want change and we vote change -CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Oh Datin Paduka Sri Rosmah Mansor you have to Earn it.

Bukan ke Nama you Rosmah Mansor????
Isn't your name Rosmah Mansor? 

Come on Daatin Paduka Sri Rosmah Mansor, do you  REALLY expect this young lady Nurul to  respect you when there are so many allegations against you made by the international press, by local inquires in the 1MDB, about your relationship with Jho Lo, that have been left unanswered and where legitimate findings have been made official secrets.

Nevertheless she apologised to you,  that is the result of her upbringing, that is the kind of manners she was taught "if you are wrong admit it, and if you have hurt  someone apologise at the earliest  opportunity" and that is exactly what she did.

Anyone who knows her parents would have been expecting that from her after all her mother is a Gold Medal Receipant in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the  Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland plus she is a qualified Ophthalmologist, her Husband was  an  elected Deputy President of UMNO, he was Chair of the Development Committee  of the World Bank Development and the International Monetary fund, I am not referring to Anwar's degree as it may be disrespectful to your husband, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Well Datin Sri we still remember the story of Saiful going to "visit your husband for a scholarship" at your house,  in case you have forgotten it,  all the events surrounding the visit and yet the prosecution in Nurul's  father's case did not find it necessary to subpoena your husband as a witness in the trial, and we keep wondering why, why and when did that story line change.

We wonder what on earth happened to the poor Myanmarese doctor to whom Saiful confessed he put a plastic pipe up his .... you know what?

Very honestly I think you should conduct an independent poll to see how many Malaysians really "respect" you. That is something you must know as the wife of the prime Minister of Malaysia our beloved country.

 I am sure you'll be more than  just surprised by the results, you may even be shocked.

There are so many incidents that you need to come out in the open with , face the international press for scrutiny, and answer the numerous allegations against you and honestly if there  is nothing to hide you must do it not only for your sake but for the  sake of the nation.

After such a public scrutiny demand an apology from all those who have defamed you if they have done so, and failing to do so, sue them for all they are worth.  I for one will support you, and I am sure all Malaysians will, even if it means you have to sue them in New York or London. 

Is this not what every respectful leader and his wife  does in the face of such allegations if they are baseless? 

Now  after you sue them and if you win and are cleared the whole world will have respect  for  you Datin Rosmah and you can hold your head up high.

Of course I'll not call you Mak Cik or Aunty that will be disrespect as I am much older then you, but I want to ask you this:

How come a Jeweler can fly in a blue diamond worth millions for your viewing pleasure, why did you even think of viewing it if you were not intent on buying it?  

Then again, if you were intent on buying it who would pay for it?

Or, were hoping to get an "Uncle" or an "Auntie"  perhaps to buy that ring for you?

You see just in case you have forgotten we are Malaysians true full blooded Malaysians not from DUMNO,  so you'll have to come out with something better, and please do not test our intelligence this way it only raises more doubts.

Well even if that was your answer about that diamond why haven't you answered Rafizi on the other diamond? 

He has asked you about the Pink Diamond?

You see Datin Rosmah respect is earned, you do not demand it and if it is not forthcoming, it is the duty of the person who is not getting the respect he or she deserves to do some serious soul searching and ask that simple question:

What on earth is wrong with me?

That is what most respectable persons do anyway, and I am sure you know that too.

I am sure all your life you have given your beloved parents love and respect in abundance, they did not have to be Prime Minister or anything like that, they did not even ask you for it but because they are your parents you gave it to them freely. Right?

Similarly if you did not give the rakyat reasons to disrespect you they never would, never ever, but  if they do disrespect you,  the right thing to do is to do some real soul searching. 

Nurul did that.. 

There is another side to the coin.


Only today Najib  said this;  Mahathir should be given the “Best Actor” Academy Award for his pretence.

You see Datin,  Mahathir is above all that, he does not need the respect of your husband, I can safely say it does not even bother him at all  because he does not expect that from him and truly he does not want and expect  that respect at all, not from your husband most of all I think.

You used seniority, age and from when you knew her (Nurul) and what she called you, you even went on to say you knew her  when she was even without her teeth, well Mahathir I suppose knew your husband when he was a kid too, I could use similar phrases phrases but that may be derogatory and so I shall refrain.

I think you should ask your husband what he called Mahathir when he was a small  boy, then school him on how to respect his elders, he should listen to you, he must respect you too after all you are older then him and once he does that  you to be able to look at yourself clearly in the mirror. and tell yourself before you tell the whole world you expect some respect from Nurul

Malaysia by Nurul


Saturday, April 21, 2018


 By Toffee


In what is viewed by many UMNO members both within the Wanita and the rest of the party as 'not surprising' Sharizat is reported to be dropping out or dropped out of GE14.

Will Najib sacrifice Pekan for the love Sharizat?

One wanita member said  "this was expected as the the majority of even the wanita feel that what she did Rafizi is wrong, "she was the guilty party here we all know that but,  a Malay has to suffer for exposing her wrongdoing'" to which I retorted, "Sin (Dosa) or wrongdoing?" and she replied,  "wrongdoing doing, bukan dosa."  I did not argue knowing UMNO people and how she could turn it into a religious issue especially since I am not a Muslim, but then she went on to say, "Rafizi also should not have exposed a Malay leader that way, that is not so good." I was really confused, I left it at that.

I was happy though,  even UMNO members expected Sharizat not to stand, and is that why after an initial attempt to stand in Bandar Tun Razak she pulled out?     

Another UMNO member cited Ahmad Zahid Hamidi,  he said "Zahid had requested  Najib not to field Sharizat, the source tells us that Zahid told Najib, "you can bring her through the back door, but do not field her for the GE as she is bound to lose teruk, teruk and that will mean UMNO loses a seat and is made a laughing stock off." Zahid and Sharizat are no real "Kissin Cousins" either.
He apparently doesn't want Sharizat to stand

Najib has not made any comment on Sharizat to date, he may use dropping her as an example that anyone can be dropped and they must accept it as gracefully as she does knowing she is reluctant to stand and in doing so  he may then point to Sharizat, but little do most UMNO members know that she is personally requesting to be dropped, as she really can't win even if she stands in Pekan or Bagan Dato, and does not intend to humiliate herself.

Sharizat's reputation has taken a beating  since the famous "cowgate" scandal and it is not going to leave her unblemished throughout her political career, it will also come out strongly should she decide to contest the Wanita head's post if ever UMNO heads really do go into a free and fair party elections.

Sharizat is the worst performing Wanita UMNO leader since the inception of the wing in the party, she was the first to be defeated and that too by a young and green entry in the political arena, the daughter of  Anwar Ibrahim - Nurul Izzah Anwar,
Clueless,Pointless, Senseless

Sharizat was a three time incumbent of Lebah Pantai Constituency and in the 2008 election had won the seat by a  15288 vote majority, but just 4 years later in 2008 facing Nurul she lost the seat she had been expecting to win easily, lost it  by  a 2895 vote margin, resulting in Sharizat openly and weeping over her loss, she never expected it in her wildest dreams, and that too by a lady who was hardly even 28 years old then.

Sharizat would have been dropped much earlier, but she has very strong ties with a close confidante of Najib Razak, in fact his closest and it is spoken of even in the wanita circles, to the extent that many ministers fear to confront her on issues they do not agree with her on.

Her mother has forbade her to criticise Mahathir Mohammad, and recently when she opened a salvo on him it is reported that she received telling off from her mother. The  mother  knows, it was Mahathir who gave her the opportunities  in UMNO, although he did not influence the outcomes of the elections in the Wanita when Rafida lost to Sharizat, that was done by other UMNO ministers including .Badawi, Najib and some other senior UMNO SC members  who saw Rafidah as a strong contender for the DPM's  position. She was by far the best performing Minister in the Mahathir cabinet and all cabinet members from the other parties had great respect for her.

After getting Rafidah out of office during Badawi's tenure, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was never the same and took a huge bashing, Malaysia lost one of its best Ministers of International Trade, the other was Mahathir himself..

You only have to listen to the arguments of both Rafidah and Sharizat  to find out that the Wanita UMNO has never progressed since Rafidah's departure. The quality of talk is in itself so absolutely contrasting, one very eloquent with substance in her deliveries whilst the other talks like the woman who runs a mamak Teh Tarik shop.

So will a record of sorts be set in the 2018 General Elections?

Will the Head of the UMNO Wanita be dropped as a candidate from the Elections 2018.?