Friday, October 20, 2017

Najib's Mega Headache!!! - The Next elections

 by Toffee

Together as one for one purpose the Nation.

The battle lines have already been drawn, that PAS is in the BN fold is no longer a secret, but how they plan to play the game is the lingering question that is on everyone's mind including the racist parties like the MCA, the Gerakan and MIC chieftains.

These other racist parties excluding UMNO  in the BN fold are not privy to much that is happening in the UMNO - PAS tie up, they are not supposed to be,  as PAS does not trust them and so too do many from UMNO imagine a party from outside the BN can dictate to UMNO,  "what, who should know" so, they are kept in the dark, the leaders of these racist parties  know it too but choose to remain quiet as to them, the most important thing in the whole game are their own seats,  it is a "what is there in it for me  that counts attitude", after all almost every leader from the these racist parties in the past became millionaires after their term in office, and these are no exceptions,  and that is I think the only motivation that drives them. I can't think of any other, considering the circumstances.
Hear,See speak no Evil (just pretend to)

Well one thing looks certain the MCA and  the Gerakan are not going to get the favours they usually get from the BN (UMNO actually) to wrest their seats, if it is a Malay majority seat UMNO or PAS wants it this time around, unless there is a substantial minority and by that I mean at least 40 percent of the electorate in the constituency has to be Chinese then of course the battle  will be between Gerakan and the  MCA as to who gets the seat, they can't rely on the Malay for the charitable vote. The MIC is still holding its hand out whilst Kayves from PPP tries to pluck out Cameron Highlands, whoever gets it it will not make difference, the BN will be defeated there.

Gerakan and MCA can maintain their traditional Penang seats, so they can't complain, winning is another story, losing their deposits is the highest probability.
He supported the move by religious extremists

Liow is assured of his Bentong seat though - assured to be able to only  contest the seat on a BN ticket winning it is a completely different issue and a huge doubt lingers there,  Liow is working very hard, even harder than he did as a minister, as a minister  he hardly works I am told.
Dead Party man walking

His desperation has got the better of him, he has gone to beg the Indians in the Bentong constituency, but  the Indians in Bentong had made up their mind long before, it is not going to be Liow for certain  this time around,  as the MCA has done literally nothing for them at all, all  the while they have held the seat, and it is only now, when fighting  for dear life and when even the majority of Chinese are deserting him that Liow has decided to go to the Indians.

Well the Indians know better they are no fools, the  "Indians never stood a chance with the MCA in place and they know it, why even the Chinese were overlooked except for some cronies in the MCA,  and they'll tell you,  so what about us," asked Varatharajoo a small Indian contractor in Bentong who makes a living providing weeders for the small holdings in the area.

Varatharajoo's sentiments were echoed by Kamala Devi a single mother who angrily said, " that man (Liow) has no shame to approach us, I have struggled here in Bentong bringing up my three Children all these years,  doing all kinds of work, there was no help from the MCA, every time I approached them they told me to see the MIC representative who is hardly around and has no time for us, if I must see the MIC representative, why must I vote MCA? I did not  get welfare, I struggled and the Chinese who helped me here were not the MCA towkays, some of them would see Liow when he came by smile laugh and shake his hands attend dinners with him,  but the minute he turned his back they would curse him, ask the people in Bentong, they'll tell you, these are my real friends and they are not voting the MCA and so am I."

Postal votes and armed forces votes can't go to the MCA or for that matter even the MIC, as UMNO is in dire straits, the fact that they have to go for a pact with PAS is evidence of this panic. At the same time many UMNO members are watching to see what considerations and goodies Najib is going to give PAS at their expense. One Negri Assemblyman said,  "if they sacrifice us for PAS then I can assure you Najib's is as good as gone."

Down south in Johor the mood is right, ask the Johoreans, the educated elite, the ones who work with the grassroots, these are UMNO members who want a change and are willing to sacrifice the next two or even three elections to get the equation right. The performance of the opposition in Johor during the last elections was to a very great extent aided by the work of  this group.

One of them a charted accountant told  me this time, "the party has to be purged of all the filth that sticks to it like glue", he likens the the filth with slime, he says "it sticks and is difficult to remove so a thorough cleaning job is required, we need to wash with  acid, yes", he  says, "it is an acid test, we need to clean with acid and an acid wash is what is required."

"Today's UMNO is Branded on the corrupt mentality of its membership, we need to re-brand the entire party, to do that we'll need to re-educate those that can be re-educated, discard the trash which is plentiful as they have got used to this retarded mind set of working for the leadership, (even if it is corrupt rather than the party),  only if there are goodies and are  not focused on the interest of the party and nation building as a whole, it is a rapidly spreading disease" said the other gentleman a chubby well mannered person who goes by the name Bob. "God willing we will succeed this is going to be an uphill task but it must be done not only to save the race but to save the country" he continued, "and if that means destroying UMNO so be it, if we do not do it the Malays will lose everything, they are being taken down a bottomless pit  by UMNO through this greed and corrupt practices".

So, now we see Malays who are UMNO members willing to see their party fall for what they say is "the good the Race, the Nation and Islam." Hearing them talk with so much conviction is mind boggling, I met some of them before the last elections the mood was similar only that now it has reached fever pitch, they have taken it a few notches higher, because their efforts are producing results.

Before the last elections when I wrote about Muhyiddin's supporters calling for Najib's ouster I reported on what one Muar UMNO member said, I reprint it here;
......, "in those days the Malays never openly took sides, the listened quietly and gave their support, there was hardly a whisper, today they are not quiet anymore they are not even whispering, they are shouting on top of their voices, 'we're  fed up!!!' we have been betrayed for so long and this party has not only betrayed us they have stolen from us and other Malaysians, we'd rather vote the DAP.

This time it is getting louder and we can not only hear it  hear it.  we can  even see it, Mahathir is on the same side as the DAP.

"We are making Malays aware by the day, the last time we told you  Najib will fall, he did  and we believe he did, because he did not get the popular vote and by that token alone his legitimacy as the elected leader of the country can be challenged. This time around I am telling you Toffee, he is about to make history, he will become History." said Daud in his usual cool and collected manner and form the way he was looking at me I could tell he was serious, dead serious.

Johor is a gone case for the BN, Johor is not PAS country the people of Johor have always shunned PAS and they'll do so this time around too, so if Najib thinks he is going to make inroads with PAS he has read us wrong, he must accept the fact that Johor has fallen it is fallen even before the first vote is cast" said Daud.

"Well okay Johor is okay let's assume it is okay, let's assume what you are saying will come to pass, but what about the other states?" I ask

This other tall and mustached chap, fair skinned, looks at me and sighs, " hai ya, he says, you do not seem to understand do you?" he asks.

"Negri will fall, because the people of Negri are just fed up with the BN, one of its daughters is not their favorites she is seen as an insult to Malay culture and Malay wives, she bears the brunt of the discontent in the state, and she has now become the focal point of the Negri campaign. There are other reasons too, Md Isa being a very prominent reason ask any UMNO division head and he'll tell you if he is free to speak, but they all know how powerful his hold on Najib is, so no one will go as far as even whisper, they will say it at the ballot box" said my friend who accompanied me, Manap, he heard it from Negri boys.

Mahathir is drawing the UMNO crowds, they still love him, trust  him and believe in him, The PKR MPs still hold sway and so too does Mat Sabu and the other members of Parliament who are now with Amanah, the states of Penang and Selangor are rock solid and Perak is giving way, way to fast for UMNO's comfort, htat Najib has asked Zahid to lead the campaigns in that state.

We really do not have to talk about Penang, it is a foregone conclusion, the people of Sabah and Sarawak have been told to go take the money being given to them by Najib, and demand for more, but when it comes to the crunch to vote the BN out and it seems to be working. Najib had been booed out of Sabah and if that was not a sign of the times one wonders what is.

Today I am told that almost every household in Sabah is annoyed with the arrest  Shafie Apdal, it is an insultto Sabahans, they feel that the Federal Government in pursuing its own selfish objectives vicitmises true Sabahan leaders, if you doi not believe me pick up the phone and even call any Sabahan, even the Kadazans who are not Apdal's favourites will tell you so. Sabah is not having it any more, this move has backfired, it has angered Sabah and BN will receive the news from the ballot box for sure like they did a t the end of Harris Salleh's reign.The latest news that Shafie apdal has been admitted to Hospital for High Blood Pressure has got Sabahans really angry and worried, even the supporters fo the STAR the Sabah baed party are asking the MACC why Apdal, why not Najib?

For the Opposition this time the National focus is to on UMNO.

 The MCA and the Gerakan have all but been wiped out over the last two General elections, this time around it is UMNO and that is more or less a foregone conclusion thanks to Najib and the "less intelligent" men of his cabinet and the even less intelligent members of Parliament from UMNO the game is all but over.

Mahathir Anwar Reconciliation Najib's Biggest Blow

The more they mock Mahathir the more they hurt the Malays, and more people jump ship, to make matters worse for Najib,  Mahathir and Anwar have reconciled, the Malays  recognized  the magnitude of the problems facing them with Najib,  when they witnessed this reconciliation. That
Reconciliation A very difficult move for both of them, but for the National good they did it.
these two men were willing to forget the past and rescue the nation was beyond belief, it was beyond anybody's wildebeest dreams, but now that it has happened it has brought the Malays to a realisation  that something really seriously is wrong with Najib and that the nation needs to be rescued, the Malays  are now rallying behind these two leaders.

Najib is vary of the score he is afraid,  he's even doubtful if he'd  call for elections come March, that will be a bit too soon he feels as there is so much to be done. Some observers say it depends on what he has in store at the budget, if it is full of goodies he'll call for the elections soon, if it is not he is expected to drag on till August 2018.

The goodies will not pull wool over the eyes of the people, the poor do not pay taxes, they are the majority of the voters, they will come out with a vengeance, this time and Najib seems to be the target of that frustration

The poor pay more for petrol, they pay more for rice, they pay more for vegetables , they pay more for school uniforms, they pay more for everything nd earn less than they did before because the buying power of their ringgit has depreciated and to make matters worse prices have gone up, so tax incentives is of no use, they now are forced to pay tax even with their lower wages GST.

The opposition in the meantime have got their game plan well settled, they are coming out in numbers, almost every seat will be contested,but the big contests are being prepared for in  Bagan Datoh, Bentong, Pekan\and  Sembrong, these seats are to be heavily contested. Work in Semborong is going on, on  a daily basis and this could be one of the the reasons why  our Minister  Defence has been rather quiet for some time now, but I think it is our Deputy Prime Minister who has more to be worried about this time around.
Big headache. Did he advice Malaysians about  obesity lately?

Do not be too surprised that Najib will decide to contest in Putrajaya to ensure his victory, the constituency is small, he can even afford to pay every voter in the constituency to ensure his victory, but on the other hand that is an educated electorate, as one Putrajya resident put it to me,

"The Malays of the next Generation those yet to be born will one day curse  and say we would have been a better nation had our stupid and greedy forefathers not betrayed our leaders for a few dollars more.The Malays of the generations to come will weep over the jailing of Anwar Ibrahim and the destruction of their nation, and they will blame their forefathers, that is u for their poverty." 

Then he went to say, " In 30 years time Oil will be of n use, it's value will drop as the cars by the tiem will no longer use petrol, our own car industry will vanish we will import cars again. look at our development how far have we progressed. What have we invented and what have we produced on our own, we lack the ability to invent the government is bent on making people stupid so that they can rob us"

"When the price of petrol drops and we are reliant on importing technology what have we got and where are we headed? We will be worse than Bangladesh.  Will our children then shout Hidup UMNO!!! Hidup PAS at the top pf their voices?"

"What have been our own technological advances over the years, if our Oild money was saved and not wasted we'd have money to invest on other things as it is right now all our money has been stolen, and to balance the books we are borrowing huge amounts, who ends up paying, you me, your children my children and their children's children"

"It's time for UMNO members to shout Hidup Pencuri!!!"

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The war behind the now shattered UMNO curtain.

UMNO has begun its usual power struggle in the midst of the run up to the next elections, this time the battle has taken and extraordinary twist with Najib actually planning the downfall of his deputy behind a smoke screen.

Dr. Mahathi's revelation that Zahid had met him, supposedly to seek his help in replacing Mr Najib as prime minister has actually got this move by Najib going. 

The meeting according to Mahathir took place not long after  Zahid was appointed deputy prime minister following the sacking of  Muhyiddin Yassin in 2015. In fact by Zahid's own account it took place some 10 days after he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister.
Serious allegations of wanting to oust Najib

Following this allegations by Dr. Mahathir, Zahid has come out denying that he did it and in turn alleged that it was Mahathir who had suggested to him  that Najib be removed from power by a vote of No Confidence, and if that failed Mahathir  would approach the Council of leaders to have the premier step down.

According to Mahathir, Zahid had asked that he be made premier when Najib step down, to which Mahathir had told him "it’s not necessary that he becomes the prime minister, because Umno has the right to choose who replaces Najib."

Zahid has come out vehemently denying any such thing and even alleging he had the whole conversation taped which he has not  produced to date so is he telling the truth?

Was his threat to expose the tape a diversion to get  the UMNO members (who will believe anything they want to believe)  to take what Mahthir alleged lightly?

It could be so and even if it was so, it seems to have worked its magic, or has it?

On the surface it has,  when officiating the Shah Alam Umno division delegates’ meeting on August 6, 2017,  Najib came out openly and said, "Zahid and I have known each other for long, since 1986.
"It's not only money that talks" - A concrete statement
is not just my loyal deputy, but also my friend who is always beside me in good times and bad times, it does not make sense for my deputy to want to overthrow me,  not possible and not true. It is complete slander, let us not linger on this issue. Have faith in the strong Umno leadership. And I will continue to have confidence in Zahid. End of story", but was it really the end of story?

Not so,  according to certain groups within UMNO, "Najib is known to hit you hardest when you are least prepared and that is exactly what he plans to do with Zahid"  said one source close to Hishamuddin.

"Najib can't afford a Deputy who may offer him as the Bull for Korban,  (sacrificial  bull) should he lose the elections to the new government,  to answer the countless allegations made out against him, his wife and family".

The looming threat to Zahid's position
"If those allegations are proven the law will really come down hard on Najib and his family as the allegations are not just for petty theft but for criminal wrongdoings which even include murder and grand Larceny, and for a man (Zahid) who may have colluded with his enemies and is ambitious to the point he may sell anybody they way he did Muhyiddin to take the deputy's position Najib knows that Zahid can be extremely dangerous," said a senior UMNO division leader of a significant UMNO division.

Why then is Najib still maintaining Zahid? I ask

"To kill him slowly so he does not disrupt anything and make him believe he is still Najib's most trusted aide.  that is why  he made go to the UN and expose his uselessness as a top minister in the cabinet, that is the slow killing process," and he laughs.

That UN visit was purposely planned to allow Zahid make an international fool of himself, he could have chosen his cousin  and closest confidante, the "not so intelligent" Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, the grandson of the founder of UMNO who is more eloquent and could have delivered a well prepared speech to the United Nations even better than Najib himself could. Hishamuddin had displayed his fluency in English and good presentation skills when addressing the international press
Allowed by Najib to shoot himself in the foot
following the disappearance of MH370, a position Najib dared not assume.

Whilst allowing Zahid to slowly self destruct he is tacitly moving Hishamuddin to the more prominent position of his anointed successor. To write off Zahid openly is to seek trouble, as Zahid has a considerable grass root base and to move him out will only anger his support base and weaken UMNO, he is not prepared for that yet, but he is preparing for it at the right moment.

Najib  is expected to reveal to a select group of the supreme council the actual date fo the next elections, his line up for  that elections and the changes to be made in the selection this time. It is likely that Zahid is to be placed on one of UMNO's more difficult seats, but that has yet to be confirmed.

In the meantime Hishamuddin has been very quiet, he is seen as preparing to take over from Najib soon as the talk in some UMNO circles is that Najib will give up his position and leave the country probably for good.

Well Najib is not spoilt for choices for countries he can seek refuge in,  Khazakstan is certainly a safe heaven for the time being and so too are Saudi Arabia and Turkey so where will he go, if there is any truth in this talk, and when he does that Hisahmuddin  take over as Hishamuddin will ensure his safe exit from the country.

In the meantime the daggers are being sharpened in all the other corners of UMNO, the membership including many senior supreme council members smell blood.

Nazri is working hard to strengthen his position in UMNO, he wants to ensure that he will land the position of Vice President with the largest majority and in that quest has thrown his support for the UMNO Red Shrit leader Jamal Yunos in his quest to wrset the position of UMNO Youth Chief.
Vying VP position whilst trying to oust Kjairy

It is not too silly a move as most UMNO Youth Leaders came from people who were then labelled extremists and Jamal is no exception only that he has taken it that notch higher then  Krishamuddin if you remember and the Keris.

The Nazri camp are expected to throw their weight behind Zahid and Najib is vary of this as he can't anger this groups as well it will have serious  repercussions on UMNO's  bid to wrest Putrajaya and the escapade can only take place if  they retain power.

To put it simply UMNO is in a mess, I said this much earlier when I objected to Najib becoming the PM before clearing his name of the alleged murder of Altantuya Shaaribu,   I warned then that the whole system will be compromised if the top leader is compromised and that is exactly what has and is happening.

Najib has not come out openly to condemn the atrocities being committed in the country by almost any Ahmad, Din or Jamal.

The Launderette issue is one, the racist and extremist preacher  Zamihan Mat Zin, Jamal Yunos who was made a Datuk on the recommendation of the Najib Government, Najibs's own call to UMNO members to emulate ISIL if you remember, the Police Cheiefs saying one thing and others in Government contraindicating them all poin tto fact that the Government ahs been compromised, there are no rules anyone who has some authority can make rules and that too new rules they think fit, not only is UMNO in a mess the government is in a mess and the country is in a mess.

Now is it a wonder why foreigners choose not to invest in Malaysia,? Except for China of course they are purchasing Malaysia wih huge amounts of cash and it seems like it is going inot individual pockets, for which the people of Malaysia will ahve to repay China for generations to come and may never be able to free itself of that bondage.

UMNO members do not have the mental capacity to see this, they do not even know what is happening to the country, although they soften say "Tanah Air Ku" and believe me the only original words in the language are "Tanah Air" and yet they do not know what is happening to our beloved Tanah Air.

The time is coming for the great shift, Najib is  having sleepless  nights, he has options but is wondering if he can use it, he may have the authority to do so, but will the people allow him to?

Well for one he can declare emergency unilaterally and take over the country and become its first supreme dictator.

 I am sure that has crossed his mind and he is considering it seriously, he has the excuses, he will use Islamic state as the main excuse to do that, because without that he has no other option, the Malays have got fed up. many have deserted UMNO they know the country is in peril, those who remain are foolishly led by the PAS agenda and their own selfish gains,  which he now plans to use help him and that is, Islam is being threatened.

Surely the Launderette issue, the outbursts by the racist and extremist preacher  Zamihan Mat Zin cannot be coincidental, it is all well planned, they expected the opposition to fall for it and come out condemning it, had that happened they would have used the full force of the JAKIM and PAS machinery to condemn the opposition as being a threat to Islam and the Malays, it did not work.

In the face of all this Najib is in a quandary?

Ask him when is the next elections, and he'll say I have not decided yet?

And believe me this will be about oe of the first truths he will tell.

UMNO is in a mess and only a miracle can stop its split. With it's alliance now with PAS, what is MIC and MCA saying.

The BN rules specify that there must be consensus of all parties to admit any other party into the BN?
Have all the other parties especially the MCA, the MIC and Gerakan agreed to this?

We are yet to hear from the other BN component parties.

UMNO members are going to be angered when they lose their opportunity to contest as PAS takes their seats.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Will Najib get chewed by Trump?



There seems to be a lot of hype in the government gazettes (media) that is, the NST the Star, The Utusan and all the other government backed media including the TV and Radio stations about Najib's
See you in my office
visit to Trump.

The truth be told he has been summoned to meet Trump who will inevitably play his trump with Najib who in turn may be caught without his pants. Our Prime minister is naive to say the least.

Trump is now in need of support from the Asian countries and especially the  ASEAN countries in dealing with China and North Korea whom he sees as a lackey of not only China but Russia as well.

Putin is making no bones about it and continues to provoke the Americans whilst on the other hand supporting North Korea, and China seems to be using it as a bargaining chip for concessions with its  South China sea expansionist programme from the US which of course the US is unwilling to trade.

Don't fool with us
China has locked Malaysia on its side,  thanks to the lobbying of the MCA who worked together with Yes the Melaka, Kuantaan and Carey Island Port Projects.
the Chinese government and UMNO to literally obtain huge concessions for projects in Malaysia from the Tun Razak exchange project in Sungei Besi to the East coast rail project, and the Melaka and Kuantan Ports.

Why these ports?
Why is China so interested in  developing Kuantan and Melaka Ports?

Any one who controls the Melaka port controls the Straits of Melaka, and China is already now talking about Kra Canal with those two projects under its belt China has the strategic advantage to literally lock out the Straits of Melaka,  control the Kra Canal and control all traffic into the south China Sea coming in via either the Straits of Melaka and the Kra canal - China will control that gateway.

It will be foolhardy to think otherwise, "Port Klang is already expanding despite not running at full capacity, so  it makes no sense to pursue both the Melaka Gateway and Carey Island Port so close to each other in the Malacca Straits unless there is an ulterior motive and of course it has to be strategic because you will control about the narrowest part of the Straits and no vessel can go undetected.

Then with the  Kuantan port again under its control Malaysia will become its most important strategic naval  base West of Hong Kong, this is a piece  strategic maneuvering  to put it mildly strategic excellence at its best.  China will control the South China Sea and traffic into the Sea with more efficiency and effectiveness and Malaysia will be its partner, wonder when the Chinese President will send one of his daughters to Najib. It seems like  the re-visitation of Admiral Jung Ho.

China is also bent on punishing Singapore for not supporting it on the South China sea  issue and is intent on punishing her by taking away the shipping trade from Singapore, that in itself is a form of war against Singapore and will  indicate the kind of control China will have in the region. Even US ships will find  difficulty moving into the the South China Sea area where it enjoyed free movement for so long. The fleets stationed in Diago Garcia will now have to go into the South China Sea via Indonesia.

Moreover Malaysia will have to pay for all these Chinese facilities and China will make sure that Malaysia is not in a position to pay back in order to keep control of these ports. The sums invested by China on these "Malaysian" is so huge e will only continue to pay interest another  way of making Malaysia dcontinue witth the past tradition of paying homeage to China for its "protection."

Well literally that means the Chinese President will have Najib by his two you know what.
Naive to say the least. Worming around as usual
Najib I believe knows the plan and pretends he knows next to nothing. Well he did not graduate in the
UK,  that I heard about as he did not go back to university after his dad's death, but that does not make him the damn fool he pretends to be or is he.

So why is he doing this?

There are many reasons, one is, he suddenly got the money to repay the IPIC, but from whee we have not been told yet, could it be from China funds?

He is collecting taxes all over and is now contemplating imposing estate duty as well to collect money from the masses, besides his GST, his continual rise of petrol prices after having promsed to the run up of the 2013 elections that he would not raise the price fo petrol (liar), and every opportunity he has he is collecting money, that one top government servant told me that it was alright him declaring holidays at the elevent hour because h uis making so much money for the nation.

Najib is going to the US on a very strong wicket or so he thinks. Trump will bow to him and beg him no end or will he.

The Americans are the best at Mafia tactics and Tump is no different. It was George Bush who told Pakistan to take a stand of where they stood after September 11th or get blown to smithereens , Musharaf just caved in.

Trump is no politician so his approach will be more diplomatic. He'll look at Najib and say I believe the DOJ has a case against you?
Najib will reply, " no they've dropped it."
His aid will then tell Trump in Najib's presence, 'yea they ahve dropped it but are now looking into bringing criminal charges against him."
Najib will reply, "well they can try and laugh it off."
Trump will then lead Najib to his seat with a laugh and say,
 "well let's see."

Then Trump will exchange pleasantries with Najib like they usually do and he'd say "well look here Mr. Prime Minister, America is a great country and we look after our partners against any power in the world, our partners are always our greatest concern nd I am sure you know that too."

Then Trump will raise the China issue,.

"Look we need you together with our friends to put pressure on China to abandon its ridiculous claims on territory in the South China Sea and most ASEAN leaders will agree, but when he singles out what each nation should do that is when Njaib will be caught with his pants down.

If Najib thinks he is being caled over to hear the Rohingya problem he is mistaken, Trump has no time for that, he has th Korean crisis on his mind, he wants to exert more influence on the ASEAN countries than China nd for Najib he has his card, it's called the Trump card.

The Trump card for Malaysia to withdraw its support for China and become more vociferous over the South China sea issue, threaten to break links with China, get involved in the N. Korea Boycott, come out in the open and very loudly  object to the North Korean nuclear build up,  and Najib is going to be dumb struck when confronted with thiss, he is not there in a position of strength, there  are criminal charges hanging over his and Rosmah's  son's head so how will he react?

If he decides to renege on China, China has all the ammunition to finish him off in a matter of days.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sabah and Sarawak Fixed, by what Najib calls Fixed Deposit

 In the lasts two elections the Malays responded. They saw and read the game, they know that it is the future of Malaysia that is important to them their children and their children's children, and not the enriching of certain segments of Malay society, via corruption, nepotism and cronyism.

The question now on the lips of all Malaysians is ;

In terms of natural resources Sarawak is the the richest Malaysian state, and yet after the rape of its oilfields, its lush green forests for high grade timber, its huge Palm Oil sector,   its pepper and the rest of its resources what have Sarawakians  to show for it?

How have the Sarawakians and for that Matter all East Malaysians benefited from this, the Billions and billions of Ringgit worth of Oil and Timber alone which was more than  sufficient to give Sarawak and in fact the entire East Malaysia world class infrastructure, with modern railways, highways, a Good education system which was a prerequisite before they joined Malaysia and better living standards.

What haas the BN Sarawak Government got to show about that except for the fact that BN politicians in those states  have enriched themselves at the expense of the Sarawak native population.
I dare say that the Indians in Malaysia who cried out that they were being marginalised are far better off than the Sarawak native population.

More than sixty years later what has East Malaysia to show or rather what has the Federal Government got to show the East Malaysians that htye have done for them except to write tehm off and make sure they do not take any important position in government especially if they aren't Muslim.

I used to know an old lady who'd always say "Dapat Kosong," after she receives nothing for her efforts, and yes that applies to East Malaysia very appropriately, they are a very clear example of Dapat Kosong.

Billions of Ringgit of Oil revenue has been plundered from Sarawak, much of it  to the benefit of the Peninusular Malays the UMNOputras in the form of dividends  from Amnah Saham Nasional, and what id the East Malaysians get from it?

The infrastructure is that of underdeveloped countries, not a developing nation and not even what they call the NIC or the Newly Industrialized Countries,  the people still live in poverty, their lands taken by UMNO stooges, and Sarawakians  taken for fools over and over again.

After 64 years of joining Malaysia has a Sarawakian ever become Prime Minister/
Has a Sarawakian even become a deputy Prime Minister?

No you have people like Anifah Aman who is sidestepped by the likes of Rosmah Mansor when she led her own diplomatic mission to the middle East, speaks volumes about what  the BN government really thinks of him.

You have apple polishers like Nancy Shukri who'd do anything to get the favour of the PM, we have seen it over and over again.

Tan Sri Richard Malanjum
Why was  Tan Sri Richard Malanjum bypassed from the post of  Chief Justice of Malaysia and why was Md Raus Sharif  re-appointed Chief Justice in total disregard of the Federal Constitution?

Richard Malanjum is a Senior judge and a man of honour and that is not something that goes well with UMNO, they can't have people with unblemished integrity helming the judiciary and we all know why.
Tan Sri Richard Malanjum - by passed

He is a firstly a Sarawakian, he is secondly a Christian and most importantly he  is a man with an record of unblemished integrity and that is dangerous for the BN.

There is a sudden panic in UMNO now that Mahathir has crossed over, the panic is real and there are hints being dropped all around that they may use other methods to wrest power.

Whoever it is and whatever position they hold in the nation they must be aware that the real power rests with the people.

It is not a challenge to the religion, we have lived with it and have accepted it as the religion of the land so to say that there is a threat ot the religion is not only frivolous, it is mischievous and it is seen as an attempt   to incite.

The Malays have become aware of this too,  the majority of them do not buy this, the PKR the Party Amanah and Bersatu have managed to bring the Malays together. Mahahthir himself has said that the DAP can't stand on a Bersatu ticket if they are legalized as may be the case and is very clear by the actions of the ROS, Bersatu will remain a Malay party, the Mlaysas are nmor united now than ever to kick ou tthe BN.

BN politicians describe that as an effort to overthrow the PM, what rubbish.

Theya re united to  vote against the BN and in so doing of course if they get  the majority they'll appoint a new PM and the BN PM, who is of course the defacto UMNO president, because he never got elected to that position will ahve to give way.

Probably the likes of KU Nan msut question on UMNO on thsi score.

Who in UMNO is so eager to kick out the PM that the PM does not dare  face an UMNO election. That is the person who is trying to unseat the PM so they have to search within UMNO and we all know that Zaid Hamidi had and I presume is still coveting that position. We know that this is a popular UMNO game so search within UMNO.

It is time for the people of East Malaysia to up the ante, you should have had enough by now, election after election you have faithfully given the mandate to the BN, you elected rogue politiicans who have enriched themselves at your expense,  and the time is now you have to save Sarawak and Sabah  for the sake of Malaysia.

Enough of being BN's "Fixed Deposit" what they actully mean is that  you are continually Fixed,


You will not only sell your rights but that of your children and their children's children. Don't let them blame you for the inaction that traded their lives for that is what will happen in less than 10 years from now, in fact that process of sliding down  has already begun.

We do not have the money to even service the interest of the 1MDB fiasco, leave alone pay the principal sum.
Some have been sold to cronies

PETRONAS has lost billions in a venture in Canada where they are now pulling out from even though they were advised not to go into it in the first place. According to Sarawak Report Sarawak Oil is being sold out and a top crony has acquired a good portion of wells belonging to Sarawak Oil.

Looks like our coffers are running dry, we have to collect taxes at almost every corner, GST, the Hotel Tax and the list will continue to build.

Toll charges that Najib promised will nto go up has gone up, petrol prices that he promised will not go up has gone up leaps and bounds even though we are a netoil exporting nation and the grade of our fuel that we export is far superior to the one we import, mot of it coming from your end of the country, is he at least even giving you cheaper petrol?

If you give the BN the mandate this time you are honestly as good as finished, you would  trade the future of your children and your children's children for some empty promises, empty promises made to you for 64 years in  a row  and you surely must have learned by now.

The name of the game will change, you'll never be able to wrest control of your state from the tyrants within, they will change everything to ensure that they can't be challenged, who will benefit from the spoils of the rape of your beautiful land. Not only will hornbills disappear, the opportunities of the people of Sarawak too  will go to the dogs and you will remain an underdeveloped state feeding the corrupt regime.

Your Chief Minister can say what he wants but does he really mean it or is it a vote buying ploy?
You have heard that kind of sweet talk over and over again, and why is he sounding even better?
Are you going to get hoodwinked? 
There were conditions set for Sarawak's acceptance of the idea of Malaysian Federation those rules do not apply today and one of them clearly was the education system go read your history.
You are now given substandard education it is the way the keep you under control, because if you get too educated you'll see the trickery, the deceit, and the corruption.

Today there is a certain unwarranted panic with subtle threats coming from people at the pinnacle  of power, threatening to undermine our democracy, and that is exactly what will be done if East Malaysia does not come out strong this time around, Sarawak must get out of that fixed deposit box and fix the people who have been playing games with you and your wealth,

Sabah has to respond accordingly, and do not allow this talk of threat to the religion and the race cloud your vision of what you are supposed to be and what you are, unfortunately the will of the people of Sabah has been undermined by the lies of Mustapha, Harris Saleh  Said Keruak. Illegal Filipinos were brought in to overwhelm the numbers f the indigenous people and these illegal Filipinos are Bumiputras today, yet today Sabah can defeat the BN and it must, there is no turning back. Pairin is out so the Kadazaans must really take stock, if Pairin has any honor he must rally his people.

Oil is losing its glamour as a big money earner. Petronas that has been raping your oilfields for nothing in return is running up huge losses by serving the interests of the federal Government that gives you back  a twopence, and by the time you realise the damage  it will be too late, till the next General Elections Najib will speak sweet words tto you, just like the white men did many generations ago, he will speak with a forked tongue. With alternate fule sources being developed everyday, with France and the UK pledging to baan all petrol and and Diesal cars in the next 40 years and the rest of Europe following suite, there is only way your petrol price can go and that is downward, so when  there is  still time to make money out of it for your own development kill that fixed deposit. It wil lnever go up to US100 per barrel and the likelihood of it dropping to US$30 in the next three years is realy very great considering the effects of climate change in Europe and the Americas.

How many times has Najib shamelessly and repeatedly lied to the people, take a look at the elections promises he made before the last elections, take a look at the promise that wages would rise and we would be a high wage earning nation, because of his 1MDB fiasco our ringgit plunged 30% so all the wage increases you have recevieed is really nothing, infact you are getting less wages.

Take a look at his promise albeit via his ministers that prices would actually go down after the implementation of the GST, now has it gone down????

See what the DOJ has said about him and his wife which he constantly denies and yet does not have the courage to challenge the DOJ.

Wht about the promises he has made to Sarawak has any of itt been fulfilled?

Why has the man with the white hair not been pulled in by the MACC for the blatant corruption that has made him a billionaire. Where did those Billions come from? And do you want to trust the BN again?

The ruels of the game have already  changed and it will change for the worse after the General Elecctions if East Malaysia gives him the mandate,  you will not be able to anything about it after that, the price of oil will fall drastically, Oil's attractiveness will diminish with time as it already is and there will be nothing left for Sarawakians and Sabahans, even if there is,  UMNO will grab it all you are just their Fixed Deposit and they can do with you as they please as they have always been doing.

Sarawakians must open up and let  other Sarawakians know, West Malaysians  with good intentions are not allowed into Sarawak to open the issues, we do not intend to meddle in your affairs, we do not want you to be cheated and taken advantage of, you are our brothers, we want you to enjoy the fruits of development that every Malaysian, Man, Woman and Child is entitled to, we have sat here long enough and watched helplessly as you elected tyrants who took  advantage of you,  it has to stop  they are a bad influence, now it is dependent on you -the people of Sarawak to  prevent and expose the rape of Sarawak. The Same applies to Sabah.

Pitifully and really sadly  the two states with the richest resources have allowed themselves to be repeatedly raped by the UMNO led governments year in and year out and now is the time Sarawak and Sabah have to put a stop to it and stop being their fixed deposit or really and honestly be doomed forever.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Najib making reservations of Hell's Hottest Spots for Malaysia.


By Toffee  Aug 5 2017

In today's Middle (Muddled) Eastern Crisis, Malaysia, a member of the OIC  and Najib and Rosmah  being so closely beholden to the Saudi Royals to the extent that those  Royals have been even  giving them (im)moral support in the 1MDB and other scandals have decided to declare neutrality.

Qatar in Pink

Malaysia's stance has not gone down well with the "House of Saud" to the extent that Saudi papers of late have become critical of the Malaysian leadership.

The Saudi Gazette has outdone the Malaysian dailies, "The Star, The Utusan, The New Straits
Times, The Malay Mail, a host of East Malaysian dailies, and the vernacular press, including the Tamil Nesan, the Nanyang Siang Pau and the Sin Chew,"  most of which are owned by the government through its political parties or cronies.  in the article titled, "Malaysia's 1MDB misses Abu Dhabi payment.

Saudi Arabia  is watching Malaysia to see if Malaysians  are playing game right, they are expecting more from Malaysia,  especially that Saudi Arabia has  intimate knowledge  about purported " donations" supposedly from their Kingdom, where claims were made by high ranking Malaysian ministers that it came from the Saudi King himself. That certainly compromises our stand if it is to be in Qatar's favour.
Was the right to host  World Cup obtained by fair means

Arabs do not take to games lightly, especially of the political kind and will go out to teach a lesson to the countries especially if those countries are ones who have been beneficiaries of the particular Arab  generosity.Malaysia's DPM says he has met Arab family who donated cash into PM Najib's bank account

Did he make any Donation?
In his interview with Al Jazeera, the CEO of Qatar Airways  Akbar Al' Bakar,  when he s asked what he had   to say about the allegations that Qatar is involved in supporting terrorists, his reply was, "you know if you are living in a glass house you should not be throwing stones," I read that as an implication that he is saying everybody in this dispute including the Qataris, Saudis and everybody in this crisis supports terrorism. listen  to the interview here and the relevant part at the point of 11.20 when you move your cursor on the recording.Talk to Al Jazeera- Akbar al-Baker: 'Qatar Airways has a robust plan B' 

Qatar has promised Malaysia huge investments and that could turn to naught if Malaysia takes a stand against them.

BERNAMA  Picture
In  the midst of this muddled eastern problems Malaysia is trying to broker a settlements, and to really get a view of what the Arabs think, try telling it to an Arab when you meet him overseas, he will only scoff at you. Arabs have absolutely no  regard for Malaysia - leave alone high regards.  

Whatever it is Malaysia must come out and take a stand and make a decision of who is right and who is wrong, they are committed to it, they did so by declaring themselves a Muslim Nation and getting involved in Islamic  regional politics, they can't  sit on the fence, the Arabs who are affected will never forget Malaysia's part  as I have quoted in the beginning, "Hell's hottest spots are reserved for those who in the face of crisis declare neutrality."\

We are yet to hear anything really credible on the issue from our Minister of Foreign Affairs, or is he
Malaysian Foreign minister - taken at teh meeting with Iranian FM
leaving middle east affairs to Rosmah Mansor whom Najib had once hailed as very effective as she has been reported to have secured the safe return of Malaysian students from Egypt during the Muslim Brotherhood troubles in Egypt by her good relations with the Arab rulers and ministers, she had acted as defacto Minister of Foreign Affairs whilst the foreign minster stood in the background then.

There is no point shouting and making noise about Israel when the Arabs can't put their own houses in order.

So where is the real problem with Malaysians taking a firm stand in this conflict?

Najib is busy,  he is extremely busy in "Operation cover up."

So does Najib's deputy have the mental  capacity to comprehend the magnitude of the Muddled Eastern Crisis and its implications on  Malaysia, Malaysian politics and the economic and political implications that may arise out of this dispute? 
Not fluent in Arabic or English. Speak in Javanese with  the Arabs.
 I think not, he does not even comprehend his role as the Deputy PM so how can he ever handle such a big problem, moreover his fluency in languages gives him very little room to manipulate in diplomatic circles. What will he do speak in Javanese?

Najib has also proved himself to be useless in the arena of politics, he is nothing but a  man who uses downward authority and that too by using his people never daring to come out in the opem to take a decision and say, "it is my decision."
Why  he can't even handle the press the international press leave alone a diplomatic initiative, he literally runs away from the International Press, press statements he makes are made prepared and mainly with Bernama or the local media, Najib can never stand up to the International Press, he has shown it time and time again - our Prime Minister,  gosh!!!


The Najib regime is now under fire like it has never been before, from all angles,  the entire government is compromised and  in complete denial that they decide what the Constitution must be. 

It is the law of the jungle that prevails right now, Constitutional procedures are of no consequence, anything they want just happens under total defiance to the rule of law and the Federal Constitution. 

This situation is called Anarchy,  just in case you do not know.

The DOJ has identified the wife of MO1 as the person who had done all those lavish purchases including the pink diamond, those super expensive handbags, clothing etc that ran up bills in the Millions of dollars,US dollars'  all allegedly taken from Malaysian Ringgit of a sovereign fund - money belonging to Malaysians.

It is really a awefull after spending millions of dollars of our money  we have yet to see her photographed in those pink diamonds, wherever she wears them. It is only reserved for the "High and Mighty"  of other countries and I guess she carefully avoids the photographers/paparazzi  at such events to ensure that she is not caught with the pink diamond in their midst or is it a piece just for her to own and keep in her showcase or Jewelry Box.

Now to  Rosmah. Did her early "diplomatic visits to the Middle East,   one of the world's most difficult regions  in the world to deal with (the Arabs) compromise any diplomatic clout we might have built over the years in the region? 

Were there any "donations" that went Rosmah's way during those early trips that now leaves the Najib and the Malaysian Government compromised? 

She has openly claimed that she received presents from foreign visits, those presents are not hers and if she is keeping it as her own, it is wrong it belongs to the state, ask her to check that out.

To add insult to injury his faithful minister Azalina Othman, who is famous for  speaking  before thinking has announced that Malaysia will not appoint legal officers to observe the proceedings of the
Is this person really as stupid?
latest 1MDB-related lawsuit filed by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ).

Will Najib then in his personal capacity and as the father of his adopted son be doing so?

Will his famed lawyer Mohaammed Shafie be going over?

The lawsuit involves alleged Malaysian Property, and the DOJ has emphatically said that it will be returned to Malaysia, although I feel it will not be returned whilst MO1 is in power, however if it is ours we have an interest and we have to be there.

This indifference is just plain stupid. Azalina  has to send qualified personnel from Malaysia to at least hold watch and appoint qualified American  lawyers to engage in protecting these  "Malaysian interests"  if they are indeed Malaysian interests. May I suggest Gerorge Varghese, and Gopal Sri Ram they seem most qualified, or is that we do not trust honest men, men of impeccable integrity.

Gobid Singh Deo has said he "respects"  her, but has said that her actions are irresponsible.

I will agree with the later part of Gobidn's statement, I may have some sympathy for her only  if she is stupid, but we are talking about a person who holds Diploma in Public Administration (DPA) (ITM), LLB Hons.(University of Malaya) and LLM (London School of Economics, butunlikr Gobinf I have absolutely no respect for Azalina.

Reading this woman's outbursts time and time again, and that of her colleagues or MPs in arms   brings to mind  some classic verses of Dante's inferno;

"This miserable way
is taken by the sorry souls of those
who lived without disgrace and without praise.

They now commingle with the coward angels,
the company of those who were not rebels
nor faithful to their God, but stood apart. 

The heavens, that their beauty not be lessened,
have cast them out, nor will deep Hell receive them -
even the wicked cannot glory in them." 

I suppose that is the reward that awaits them if they truly believe in God and the after life.

Sadly this is the stock of so many of the BN and PAS Parliamentarians today, even Judges and peoples of the various branches of  Government have fallen prey.

These are people so defeated by their own greed (pain as Dante puts it) that they do not see their real pain, so deplorable that even hell will reject them.

Any Malaysian who goes as far  as just sitting aback and allows this regime to continue through their indifference is equally  as guilty as the biggest rogue who sits therein in power - he/she  is complicit

Friday, April 14, 2017

Can Zahid Hamidi become Malaysia's Biggest Hero? He has the opportunity.

 by Toffee Rozario


I am republishing an article I published in July of 2016 on this blog.
This report is being republished in view of the latest developments in UMNO, and if Zahid decides like Muhyiddin to play a wait and see game, thinking that Najib will not make a move to get his cousin to replace Zahid and eventually him (Najib himself) he must be really foolish and proves what I said in this article in July of 2016.
"All said and done this man is not of that pedigree, he does not have the mental capacity to think strategic, he does not bother about the nation building either,  all he is bothered  about is himself and his own vested interests, because if he really cared about the nation and national interests he would have teamed up with Muhyiddin at the very onset and removed Najib."
Hishamuddin is certainly being readied to take over from Zahid, it will take only a few months to get it all readied, and a few more months to get the calm back in UMNO.
UMNO will not fall it is a party where members are all reliant on the party and no matter how big Zahid is, he will fall out of grace days after he is thrown out of UMNO, leaving Muhyiddin aside, if Anwar was forgotten so soon what is Zahid.
Now the question is: Can Zahid play the role  and be a Malaysian Hero?
In his latest move,  the appointment of Hishammuddin Hussein as a special functions minister in the Prime Minister’s Department,  close Najib loyalists say that,  Najib has been embarrassed  by Zahid's ignorance of political issues both domestically and Internationally more than just once and has been forced to institute new measures to get  worthy successor. "it's not all lost for Zahid, he cand redeem his future if he shows real improvement, but the view of Najib and his top advisers is that Zahid is not the man for the job.:"
It looks like inaction on the part of Zahid will lead to him being sidelined and consequently being cast into limbo.

Has he got the guts? Is he Jantn enough?
Very honestly I'd say he has no choice but to go for the juggler.
The opportunity is his for the taking

If he does even the die hard DAP supporters will vote for him, he'll outdo any PM in Malaysian History when he goes to the polls, but I think he lacks the mindset to act strategically.

Can he remove Najib before Muhyiddin does?
Zahid Hamidi could become one of Malaysia's greatest Prime Ministers and he could steal that from right under everyone's noses of everyone by just getting Najib arrested, investigated to the fullest extent of the law and charged.

The entire process has to be transparent and every Malaysian should be given the opportunity to know what is really happening, that way he will be seen  as the savior of the nation.

In the process he can also get Mahathir to shut up and stay out of politics, he has to bring in ministers of value, people who are academically and professionally qualified and experienced and most importantly men with  unblemished integrity.

Under much pressure to quit
It will not be an easy task for Zahid but it will not be too difficult either given his position as Minister of Home Affairs and the Deputy Prime Minister, he has to have the Police Chief and the Immigration Chief on his side, in the process he has to watch carefully the armed forces as it is under Najib's cousin Hishamuddin, the two departments the Police and Immigration come directly under his  Ministry and if he proceeds along this path he will ahve to be wary of the Police Chief, he will have to neutralise him.

He needs the  Immigration to ensure that all exits are locked once he launches the takeover.

This must not be mistaken to be a coup it is not as it will be done in accordance with the law.

Zahid  does not have to worry about Muhyiddin, because with such a move he will be seen as the more capable of the two to lead, and the entire country will back him from the onset except for a handful from Pekan perhaps.

Muhyiddin could have suceeded on this score but Muhyiddin lacks the strategic mindset so it did not materialise, Najib's advisers on the other hand neutralised Muhyiddin and took down the Attorney General.

After all Zahid has the biggest support in UMNO and that has been tested by way of the UMNO elections, Najib has hardly stood on his own steam in any UMNO election since the day he joined UMNO, it was either Mahathir's or Anwar's patronage that has seen Najib through,  on his own Najib is dispensable  and has no grassroots support, for him now it all about money, he said so too, he said the money in his account was for the elections given by super rich Saudi.

Malay street comedians have a hey day imitating the way Najib speaks, gestures and even looks round, he is a joke for many Malays and that is why Malay artists are quick to draw him, make songs about him, remember the Kangkung song, make jokes about him too.

Najib is the clown of UMNO, and the  Nero of Malaysia.

Once Zahid moves in and takes over he will have to speedily  take on the task of spring cleaning UMNO and getting rid of money politics, many Malays who have quit UMNO and joined PKR and PAS will then return to a clean UMNO.

One thing he can be sure of, is that he will win the confidence vote of the majority of Chinese if he seriously takes on Najib and his henchmen, he will not only get the Malay vote but he will certainly be doing the MCA and the Gerakan a big favour and will out perform both Najib and Abdullah at the next elections and I dare say he will come close to get what Mahathir got the firt time he faced the people.

On the other hand he can choose to remain a good and loyal servant of Najib and in so doing he is putting a noose around his own neck. I suspect that is exactly what he will do till it is too late.

Power is not in the office of the Prime Minister but with the people, many a ruler, Prime Minister and President who have used the power vested on them by the people for the wrong reasons,  have  learned that lesson and most  a bit too late and have lived and died to regret it. Some recent examples were even much stronger than Najib, Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein are good examples.

This is the hour and the moment when Malaysia needs a real hero and the only person with that opportunity now is Zahid Hamidi that is if he knows what opportunity is, he had better take before Najib makes that obvious move.

Blowing in the wind with lalang
Mr Ambitious playing wait and see
If that happens all the chances Zahid has got at present goes flying out of the window, there are people in UMNO who are maintaining an eerie silence, we do not hear much from the likes of Khairy Jamaluddin and even Sharizat except for a bark or two every now and then from the head of the women's wing, trying to convince Najib she is still with him, for she is after all a Mahathir supporter and looks on him as a fatherly figure the man who brought her in and a clansman.

Sharizat will play with the wind she is an absolute lalang, Khairyy is an opportunist and is waiting to see which way he should play his cards unlike  Nazri of course who has no love lost when it comes to Mahathir,  he hates Mahathir and the feeling is actually mutual so he will throw everything he's got behind Najib and  possibly turncoat if he sees the tide in favour of Zahid.

So Zahid has actually to pounce on the moment for once it passes him by, it passes him by forever, for after all in politics there are no permanent enemies and permanent friends and strategic  alliances can be struck within very short periods even between enemies.

All said and done this man Zahid  is not of that pedigree, he does not have the mental capacity to think strategic, he does not see the obvious with Najib's present move on Hishamuddin,  he does not bother about the nation building either,  all he is bothered  about is himself and his own vested interests, because if he really cared about the nation and national interests he would have teamed up with Muhyiddin at the very onset and removed Najib.

Going by that alone Zahid will never become the Prime Minister of Malaysia and neither a Malaysian Hero.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ethno and Religio-Centrisim in Malaysia looks like state sponsored terrorism.


Are we facing subtle state sponsored terrorism in Malaysia?????? or

Has the country been allowed to stray into deliberate ethnocentrism (Jamal Yunos &Co., Ibrahim Ali among the many more)and now into religio-centrism  all very evidently supported by the Najib government, putting people of the other ethnic races, Chinese, Indians and other non Muslims in fear, real fear, not imagined not unreal but real.(Jamal Yunos is a current UMNO Division head)

A good example is the Low Yat incident, followed by many of Jamal Yunos' threats and and antics for which the police superficial or no action at all.

Even some high ranking ministers have acted as thugs in other cases and have got away with it, men taken into Police Custody, yes "Police Custody" die whilst in Police Custody, now who should be responsible for that?

The custodian of course.

A custodian has the responsibility to, "look after, to protect, to be guardian of" the person in his custody.

When a person is therefore under police custodian the Inspector General of Police has the responsibility of for the person in custody.


The behaviors so far displayed have been condoned, no action has been taken and it seems to be spreading and getting worse by the day and needs to be questioned.

Is the government fo Najib Razak subtly and at a gradually increasing pace promoting ethnocentrism and now even religio-centrism?

The happenings in the country present, recent and past at least seem to point in that direction and we have all witnessed it with this government remaining openly indifferent to the attacks by its own people (from personalities or organisations either at the political level or by authorities) on the various other communities and religions, in the confines in what is apparently in their comfort zones from where almost anything can happen.

The actions of these people, who threaten the minorities with the support of the extremists within the political parties presents the government the opportunity  to give these unofficial leaders a sense of importance and courage, aids the promotion of the "ethnocentric and ethno-religious" culture that is fast taking root among some of these misguided Malays.

We have witnessed the likes of Jamal Yunos who goes about with almost total immunity except for the occasional slap on the wrist just to show the whole world that they are taking notice when it is really hogwash.

Malaysians are no fools, for the couple of times he was detained for a day or two the talk in the street was that Jamal Yunos was having coffee with the Police Inspector General (PIG)

Who can blame that public opinion when Jamal Yunos is allowed to go on threatening people and was even responsible for the assault of Bersih supporters.

In fact it is common knowledge that Jamal has been financed by this government and UMNO for some of his daring ethnocentric activities. 

The time has come to question this, as this is the time the world has taken even the most powerful man in the world on the issue of such ethno-centrist views and judging from what is happening both here in Malaysia and other Islamic countries against religious minorities we have to stand up and be noticed or draw world attention.

Most Malaysians who are victims of this ethono-centrism and religio-centrism know that this has become the centre piece of both the UMNO and PAS strategy.

In Malaysia  a Korean the son, grandson and brother of a murderous regime who was assassinated by that same regime in our country grabbed the headlines up to even this day in our national press only because he was murdered here and supposedly only because it is so easy to do that in Malaysia, given its history of other murders like that of Altantuya Shaaribu.

The North Korean Spy agencies would have seen Malaysia as the easiest place in in the world  where Police seem more concerned with anyone abusing the PM or his beloved wife then the security f its people at large.

These headlines in what is after all a government controlled media seems to highlight the Killing of Kim Jong-Nam,  when at home we have a more serious life and death issue of a Malaysian - A Christian Pastor, who was kidnapped in broad daylight, where, “one of the men was seen recording the incident while another diverted traffic".

All of the kidnappers were reportedly wearing black ski masks” and that reminds me of the way Anwar Ibrahim was arrested, leaving Malaysian with a lot of doubts and the rumor mills spinning at the fastest speed in a long time.

Who is more important or which case should be of greater importance the kidnapping of a Malaysian Pastor whose fate is yet to be known or a dead man who was a member of a rogue regime?

Let me put this openly, it has been alleged in the past that Pastor Koh was proselytising and among his flock were Muslims. these allegations had no substance and could not be sustantiated.

Was this not the reason the pastor was detained and was that not the reason on totally unfounded and baseless grounds the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) conducted a raid on a thanksgiving and fund-raising dinner organised by the group at a church in Petaling Jaya in 2011.
"By all accounts, Koh was a humanitarian who was committed to helping the less fortunate and the marginalised in Malaysian society"

His activities were carried out close proximity to Malay neighborhoods who did not object to his activities, in fact I am told he even helped Malays, yes Muslim Malays, is that wrong?

 Following the JAIS raid the Pastor was sent a bullet in the mail and there must have been a link so it will be wise for the police to begin their investigations at JAIS and not to exclude them, it was JAIS that brought the Pastor into the limelight with baseless claims that has led to radicals and maybe event terrorists to have kidnapped Pastor Raymond Koh.

A video that has gone viral and claimed to be taken from  a CCTV shows 3 similar vehicles trailing and then blocking what apparently is the pastors car, there seemed to be at least  two motorbikes and  least two  other cars in that convoy.

Why has there been a lack of focus on the Pastor's case, is it because he is not worth the publicity for our Police Chief and Najib who are now yearning for world attention? Or

Is it if the truth comes out there will be a lot of world attention for other reasons  focused on Malaysia?
Is Najib trying to curry favour the US government who has  identified him as MO1, in the MDB case or
about things he has been denying as the North Korean leader who is suspect No 1 in this case is enemy NO1 of the American Government?

Is it because this great Christian Pastor's  Christian mission responding to God as he is commanded to  does not go too well with the likes of Najib's government?

Anywhere else in the world such an incident would have had the attention of the  Prime Minister or the President, and Najib's silence on the issue is deafening.

Not only the Christians, butt the people of other faiths and races  have an interest sin this case and the PM has a duty to tell them something in relation to this case. Very sadly he has decided to remain silent, and instead the Government controlled mass media has relentlessly been following the case of a murdered ex-member of a rogue political regime and keeping the pastors case - wee, under a lid.

Why  has his murder take centre stage whilst the authorities are so silent about kidnap of Pastor Koh? Who is Kin Jong Nam after all? And  is Kim Jong-nam's case being used to hide the case of Pastor Raymond Koh?


Pastor Koh is a man of God , he worked tirelessly with the poor the marginalised and even the drug addicts, HIV patients and he is a  a responsible and model Malaysian citizen, he  is a  man of God who deserves more protection of the Malaysian Police than Kim Jong-nam.

Pastor Raymond Koh Keng Joo is a Malaysian citizen who was victim of an illegal raid  before, and threatened by an anonymous bullet  and both incidents seems not to have  been taken seriously by the Police.

 If Pastor Koh did anything against the law it was not for the Islamic Law enforcers as  in the previous  case where JAIS to raided his centre to take the law inot their own hands. JAIS has no jurisdiction against the Christians, and yet it was they accomapanied that police who conducted the raid, if there were grounds fo the raid it should have been handled by the Police alone as JAIS is only for Muslims.

JAIS has jurisdiction  only over Muslims, and it has absolutely no jurisdiction over non Muslims, if they feel a non Muslim has broken the law it is for the Police to investigate him and arrest him, not JAIS.

JAIS who actually began this hate campaign against the Pastor by raiding his centre must be held accountable, it is this ethnoo-religious stirring up of hate that in my mind has led to this veryunfortunate incident which is not only criminal but terrorizes.

Why is it I get the feeling of a similar involvement in this case???

Kim Jong-nam

 This man would have been the leader of North Korea and the Public enemy No.1 of the American government had he not been dropped, he even held  very senior position in the ministry of  Public security. Later he was appointed the head of the DPRK computer committee in charge of developing the the country's IT industry.

He was a member of  a rogue regime that has murdered many of its citizens an by association is guilty of those crimes.

 Though he  was a frequent advocate of reform, and a habitual gambler who loved life in Macau where he would later settle and that is what made him fall out of grace with his father and he was replaced as heir apparent by his half brother Kim Jong-Nam.

This insignificant North Korean now dead has taken prominence over a Malaysian citizen, a religious leader,  case where the Prime Minister has shown more interest in the dead member of a rogue regime and  chooses to remain silent over the mysterious kidnapping of one of the nations good citizens.


What has he Kim Jong-nam done for Malaysia?

Who is he compared to Raymond Koh?