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War in UMNO? Which one way will Najib go?

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Unless Najib is willing to allow Sharizat the benefit and clear her of all wrongdoings,  he is in for a big battle within UMNO. Not really a battle but rather an  all out war - the likes of which have not been witnessed in all UMNO history, and Sharizat's, Muhyiddin's and Khairy Jamaludddin's supporters are ready to wage this war - a war that may either make or break UMNO.

All the three of them are UMNO leaders Sharizaat the head of the Wanita and Khairy the head of the youth wing,   Muhyiddin was voted in as Deputy President, and all of them have demonstrated tremendous grass root support.

Najib did not have that privilege or was he too afraid to challenge anyone, that the status quo had to be maintianed and the draconian UMNO rule of only being able to contest if you had a  minimum number of nominations   rendered Tengku Razaleigh ineligible to contest him. Had Kuli come in then Najib's real strength could have been gauged, Najib is thus a PM by default.

If Sharizat has to go as Najib wants her to, then the pressure will mount on Muhyddin and Khairy both of whom  are in one way or another involved in the award of the NFC contract to Sharizat's husband, he can't absolve one and keep the other two and hope that all will be okay, in fact it will only get worse, and that is what some factions in UMNO claim, after all it's Sharizat's husband who owns NFC not Sharizat, so it is those who were actively involved in the award of this contract who should be taken to task, and that includes UMNO's deputy president, and UMNO's youth chief.

Of course if Najib can wipe out all the three he will then be seen as the all powerful presideent, but in UMNO to carry out such an attack he has to have the resources, and resources in UMNO means money - big big bucks, and it has to simmer down right to the grassroots, it is only money speak in UMNO nothing else will do. He can get it but it will only give the others something to get him on se he can't go forr that option.

That is the reality of UMNO, corruption breeding corruption and more corruption.

If Najib on the other hand decides to be Jantan Kuat and go ahead and sack the three it will create an uprising in UMNO bigger than what has ever been seen, and the Mahathir - Anwar saga would  look but, like a storm in a teacup.

Can Najib Wage This War?

One UMNO division head tells me he'd like to, but being Najib he dares not, " had it been Mahathir, that man would  have gone for it, he had a hold on so many people that he would  have done it and still survived, he may come out bruised  yes - after the battle, but he (Mahathir) can survive.

Najib? OMG, Najib will be made sambal belacan, and served to the UMNO assembly. He does not have that clout, in fact no one, and I dare say, no one respects Najib in UMNO, maybe some people respect the seat of the President, but Najib no way."

Najib according to UMNO sources knows his strengths, he is a great disciple of the SWOT principle and is working overtime on beefing up his strengths and looking for opportunities, but this "beef case" is driving him up the wall.

All indications are that he will not only go for Sharizat Abdul Jalil but would include Muhyiddin in his plans, the current Johor MB position with the Sultan is a preemptive move on Muhyyiddin,  he'd  leave Khairy Jamaluddin alone as he   is no real threat to him, and with that move - removing Sharizat he inflicting  enough damage on Muhyiddin  and his camp, but Najib lacks the Jantanessto take a direct hit  on Muhyiddin.

If Najib takes the route  removing only Sharizat only, he may be solving one problem only to create  two more, if he decides to go for broke it will be all out  war, and if he does nothing  he loses the confidence of the Malay majority which is waning by the day, it is this reality that is drawing Zaid Ibrahim back to the opposition, after all he was/is an UMNO man.

Which one way will Najib go?

Is he thinking of parking Muhyiddin in Johor as MB or is he preparing for battle in Johor  -  battle in Muhyiddin's own backyard?

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  1. I strongly believe that this Moo-Moo-Mooyiddin Yassin fellow has something in common with NFC. One thing for sure his name is most common. Moo..Moo..Moo yiddin

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  2. PM Najib, Despite a registered letter from some 15 NGOs demanding arrest of Taib Mamhud after 31 years! Ref: you pretending all the massive multi-billion corruption & plundering are non-existent? It is obvious, your interest is not in your people’s welfare, only in winning election & clinging to power. You support deception, cheating & multi-billion thefts on a grand scale. Where is your integrity, sense of shame and legitimacy to lead? You should be impeached for treason - deceiving & undermining Malaysia! I speak from NZ, rated among the top in the world for democracy & transparency.

  3. All these, when the poor in interior Sarawak don’t even have electricity, drinking water & primary education:
    Time Magazine quoted an economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore as saying that the Malaysia might have lost as much as US$100 billion since the early 1980s to corruption (RM300 billion = 300,000 million). Perwaja RM10 billion. Forex fiasco early 90s RM30 billion. Maminco scandalRM 1.6 Billion. Bank Bumiputra Scandal RM10 billion. STAR-LRT bailout RM3.256 billion. RM 38.5 billion compensation to highway companies. Putra transport system, which cost RM4.486 billion. Maminco scandal RM 1.6 Billion. PKFZ 12 billion. Bank Islam RM700 million. M.V. Agusta & Proton lost RM 348 million. Wang Ehsan, oil royalty Terengganu RM7.4 billion. Philharmonic Orchestra has swallowed a total of RM500 million. Bailouts of Malaysia Airline System RM7.9 billion. Spent RM3.2 billion in teaching Maths & Science in English over 5 yrs. RM1.3 billion wasted building the white elephant Customs, Immig & Quarantine (CIQ) facilities on cancellation of the Scenic Bridge. National Service Training Programme yearly estimate of RM 500 million. Jets and submarines to 2 private companies Perimeker & IMT Defence amounted to RM910 million RM250m in NFC Cowgate scandal. RM30billion with Sarawak’s CM & cronies in 31 yrs.

  4. Why are you so forgiving & relenting? Have they- PBB, BN got a trace of the people’s interest at heart? NO! It’s endless tricks, acrobatics & deception to stay in power. Not after 55 years of BN & UMNO! It must now be zero tolerance & striking back with the greatest force. If you research globally & think thoroughly: Politicians are the roots of all the problems in the world: pillage & plunder; cronies; in-equality of races & incomes; apartheid; hardship & grief turning to crime & tragedy; trillions of $$$ wasted worldwide on corruption, thefts, land-grabs, resource-grabs, amassing of projects, money outflow & laundering, white elephants & kickbacks; abuses, mismanagements, misuses, crime-fighting, strife, riots, wars. In the end, to cling to power & luxury, they will kill. Look at Idi Amin, Africa, N. Korea, Arab Spring.

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