Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RPK a "Marauding Marauder?"

My friend Ajit Singh Jessy always warned me about this chap, he always told me that this fellow only wrote rubbish as he could not  substantiate what he said. Ajit   maintained that RPK could   have a lot of connections within UMNO but that his failure to quote his sources and provide substantial evidence rendered what he said to be hearsay.

I have my own opinion, the fact that he is royalty has given him a passport to say things with almost total immunity, he had angered Muhammad bin Muhammad Taib, the man he so famously called the, " man with two Muhammad's in his name"that Muhammad Taib was actually campaigning for him to be jailed.

He had a hey day with Najib and Rosmah whose reputation he actually took down the drain where it belongs. Then came the crunch the PI Bala case.

The PI Bala case became public knowledge through the announcements made by his lawyer and PI Bala himself through the on line media, Malaysiakini covered that story and so too RPK. It was about this time that he RPK took refuge in London, he was an embarrassment to his cousin,and in the midst of all this  the police conveniently arrested his son.

One thing is certain this Police force if efficient when it wants to fix anyone who is against the government.

Notice how efficient our police force is when it comes to capturing and arresting RPK's son and compare that with the investigations on the disappearance of Shalene the little girl and many other lost children. Till this day our Police force has no clue about the loss of these innocent children, they are nothing int he political equation the police seem to be so preoccupied with.

Where are the priorities of this police force? Is it to safeguard the skin of thick headed and thick skinned politicians or the security of the people, especially the innocent little ones.

Chua Soil Lek a Federal minister was filmed having sex with a lady and till today the police have not arrested anybody in connection with that. The act of filming a sex act for public viewing which was the case in Chua Soi Lek's case is a criminal offense and yet no one has been caught  to this day, although even a schoolboy will tell you it is not possible for a person to affix a camera in a hotel room without the hotel authorities knowledge.

Are the police practicing selective investigation and selective prosecution, it certainly looks so.

What is even more dangerous in the Chua Soi Lek case is  filming a minister in such a compromising situation becomes  a threat to national security, it can be used to blackmail a senior cabinet minister for all sorts of things and yet our efficient police force is yet to arrest those responsible.In fact it can be used to blackmail the entire cabinet.

In the first place was there even an investigation, no police  report is necessary to initiate a police investigation into issues that are a threat to national security, but when it came to RPK's son it was so easy.

Is our attorney general that stupid that he does nto see the huge implications in the Chau Soi Lek case, or was it a case of Chua Soi Lek being framed by members of his own party who themselves were cabinet minsters and so to save face and ensure no harm comes on the party which is a  component of the BN the investigations if there was any bore no fruit.

We have read of RPK's son having swallowed razor blades, we have heard that he was being used as bait to get the dad back to Malaysia, they wanted to jail RPK, Rosmah was mad, he made accusations  about her that had exposed quite a bit, true or untrue we still do not know ( many people like to make all sorts or accusations about Rosmah even the Australians about her excessive shopping- poor Rose), but one thing for certain Najib and his wife never sued or attempted to sue RPK, and the question is why?

Never has Najib in his personal capacity sued or attempted to sue RPK and the general consensus is that if he does a lot of dirt will overflow from  courtroom to the streets of the nation,  he used the attorney general instead and was not party to the court cases against RPK.

But since RPK took refuge in London he was free to use his base and as a "dissident in exile" he began his quest and  continued to dig in to Njaib and the government in his usual style.

Then from no where and for no reason this chap RPK turns coat, he attacks the very people whom he supported, he gave interviews to the press that he never respected -the government owned media, the NST, The Utusan and the rest, why?

The answer to this must lie in the fact that the government has his son as a pawn, this is not the first case of such happenings, it has been rumoured that sons of two Judges were used, to get them to toe the line and there are other cases too, is RPK in the same boat, I would suspect so.

RPK is now behaving more like  a Marauding Marauder, but i think he has reasons so pressing he has no choice. I suspect, and I believe  Anwar is aware of this too, and that is why RPK's good friend Zaid Ibrahim of  the Back Zaid party is now making overtures to join DAP and his wishes to Anwar on January 9 wishing that he woudl be acquitted, is this part of a big sinister plan of the BN with these people both RPK and Zaid  as the actorsto plot the downfall of the Pakataqn Rakyat?

Sometimes, no I correct myself not sometimes but ever so often as Malaysians we must learn to read between the lies.

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