Monday, January 9, 2012

Anwar's freedom a strategic excercise by Najib

The acquittal of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim seems to have been an exercise to lend credence to a judicial system that has been seen to be lopsided, pro UMNO, and one that was controlled by the executive.

In an immediate response to Anwar being freed, the Malaysian Information Minister is quoted to have said,
"Malaysia has an independent judiciary and this verdict proves that the government does not hold sway over judges' decisions."

Was the judgement so planned to showcase the world that we have a credible judiciary? The response of the Minster looked like it came from a prepared text, it was almost immediate on a day journalist were busy covering the Anwar trial.If only the government could respond as swiftly on other issues, there will be less cows to talk about.

As soon as the court handed down its verdict an Anwar supporter had already predicted such a statement. Kamarulzaman Mohd Dia yelled,"they'll now say we have an independent judiciary, and they expect us to believe that now, never!! never !!!" he yelled,  "not till we take Putrajaya." much to the delight of the listeners.

Kamarulzaman's view is shared by many Malaysians , many are of the view that this case absurd though it be was brought about to discredit Anwar. This case and the sex video produced by the infamous trio of "Datuk,T" of which included  former Menteri Besar of Melaka, was part of  UMNO invented scandals to discredit, destroy and in the process make Anwar Ibrahim irrelevant,  as he  is  a real threat to the survival of  UMNO and the BN as a whole.

Could the unfolding events,  Raja Petra Kamaruddin's  statements, Zaid Ibrahims sudden about turns, Uni Hafilda's "sins" campaign  be targeted at Anwar and the opposition?

I once wrote to leave RPK alone because I really believe  he could be pressured to do so, after all the government has d his son to bargain with him with.

Zaid Ibrahim has been making overtures, is he an UMNO Trojan horse attempting the same trick twice?

The Anwar  scandals will continue to be manufactured, Umi Hafilda has already made an announcement to the effect, one wonders if she and the others  were privy to this judgement, that she came out with this statement only days before the judgment was pronounced, in anticipation of beginning another chapter on the incarceration of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, or could they be directed by their political masters?

This is a poor UMNO strategy, and Umi Hafilda is someone the general public is fed up of anyway.

The whole idea of these UMNO strategies against the opposition targeted at Anwar was to destroy Anwar morally and politically, it seems to have had the  reverse effect, it has made him and the oppositon even stronger.

Photographs are not allowed in courtrooms in Malaysia, we are told that Dr. Datin Seri Wan Azizah wept as the she heard the judgement and embraced her husband, the news of this alone touched the hearts of so many Malaysians who heard it because this lady stood steadfast by her man through all this, it was truly an emotional moment for all Malaysians to share but then as I said no photographs in the courtrooms.

This entire case only shows the lengths this government will go through to discredit anyone who stands up to them. Anwar Ibrahim represented all Malaysians and the response for standing up  was what was dished out to Anwar from a tyrannical regime fearing its very existence.

The person who literally ran a one man campaign to get rid of Anwar - the former prime minster of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammed must today be the most worried person in the country,  he is worried of reprisals from Anwar, but Anwar has said it before, he will not follow what Mahahtir did, when dealing with him, he is not going to go on a vendetta,  that would bring him to the same level as Mahathir.

If there is a case to be heard against Mahathir and his cronies it will be done in a very transparent manner to ensure that all Malaysians get to see what actually happened as a result of nepotism, cronyism, and corruption, how this country was robbed and is being robbed.

The Anwar victory is a victory of the people, surely this euphoria can only mean one thing it will now get more people behind Pakatan Rakyat and the cry "Anwar for PM" has already been sounded it was echoed, when the DAP openly  declared that they fully support him for PM.

In a latest development five people suffered minor injuries in three explosions at the vicinity of the Jalan Duta court complex here Monday morning, said City police chief DCP Mohamad Salleh

The bombings occurred between 10.20 a.m and 10.55 a.m well after the Anwar verdict which was delivered at 9.30 a.m. and was int he vicinity of the courts where Anwar's supporters were. The police then advised the crowd to disperse which they did.

No motive was established, and the police are investigating, "will this be used by the home ministry to disallow future rallies and assemblies by the people, is this a precursor to that?"  asked a  lady apparently a lawyer asked.

Well we'll never know, in Malaysia today you can expect weird things to happen, after all the rulign party is now fighting for its life, and our only hope is that fight is clean, it hasn't been so far, the opposition has just cleared one hurdle of the many more to come.

Even if the judiciary comes out looking good Najib can take no credit for it, he has yet to appoint an independent commission to investigate his role in the Altantuya murder case and the  related Scorpene scandal without which he is suspect and the office of the Prime Minister in the eyes of the Malaysians compromised as a result.

Even at the Altantuya murder trial the questions pertaining to Altantuya's missing immigration records of her entry into the country were disallowed, whenever anything came up that would bring Najib into the scene both the defence and the prosecution objected, the judge who began the case was replaced the whole trial seemed like a sham. 

After setting Anwar  free it is impossible to accept that this government will now play  fair, we have to be extremely watchful, there are other more sinister tricks they'd pull, to remain in power.

When will elections be called? Why is Najib taking so long, what is he preparing?

His deputy is at loggerheads with him, now the head of the women's sing in his party is creating problems for him, he is trying his best to appease both  of them and in the process mapping out strategies to rid himself o the opposition.
What is the journey to Putrajaya going to be like, I reckon it will be a rough ride for the opposition, we need an important element at the next elections, foreign observers, yes foreign observers, from truly democratic countries, or that is where the people will be robbed of their rights lock, stock and barrel, we experienced it at the last Sarawak elections.

How many foreigners are there now on our electoral rolls, many illegals were given citizenship by this government to ensure victory it happened in Sabah, is it happening here? 

Will it happen allover the country?

With a government as desperate as this one anything can, and that is what they aim to do just about anything to remain in power, but no government however brutal can crush the will of the people.

If all is clean the prospects of taking over Putrajaya are real this time around and for the first time in the nations history, there will be a new party leading this country, but the word clean is not in the Barisan dictionary.



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