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Anwar first Putrajaya next

In Malaysia homosexuality is a crime.

In Malaysia Performing Oral Sex is also a crime.

In Malaysia Blackmail is crime.

Case 1. Anwar Ibrahim is charged with  having committed sodomy with Saiful a charge Anwar denies, and any layman, the man in the street, finds it difficult to believe this  given the course of events, which I shall deal with later. Anwar has denied the charge, if he is found guilty he can be jailed and fined and be disqualified from Parliament.

Case 2. Chua Soi Lek was filmed performing oral sex with a lady in a hotel in Batu Pahat. It is generally suspected that the persons responsible for that filming this video,  were from his own party,  and that is why even to this day the Police have not arrested those responsible for producing this video. Chua Soi Lek did not deny that it was him on the video, in fact he openly admitted that it was him, and to this day he is not charged, he continues to be the President of the MCA the second biggest component of the Barisan Nasional.

Case 3. Ummi Hafilda, has come out again.
It was supposedly on the evidence given by this woman that the then Prime Minister decided to ask the Police to act against Anwar Ibrahim, for what is today referred to as Sodomy 1.
This woman is  in the the same mould as the other  Mahathirian  lackey Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa,
She is reported in the Star of Friday 6 January 2012, to have threatened to "unveil a "secret" that would expose more wrongdoings allegedly involving PKR leaders one of whom is her brother, Azmin Ali. She referred to these wrongdoings as "sins" as says that unless they - Anwar Ibrahim, Datin Seri  Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and her brother Azmin Ali, "repent" she will expose these "sins."

"Such evidence will be saved for the coming General Elections, unless the three As continue to be a threat to the nation and race, my allies and I will go all out to attack them." Now isn't this blackmail, andisn't blackmail a crime in this country?

Why the next General Elections is she standing against any of the three, is she an UMNO candidate?

Case 1
In Anwar's case it was very evident that the frivolous charges brought out against him in Sodomy 1 was to allow others to prevent him from implementing reforms he had publicly spoken about before the then UMNO general assembly on nepotism, cronyism and corruption. Anwar was then a powerful Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, all UMNO Chieftains had decided before this to back his candidacy for Deputy Head of UMNO, which would automatically make him the Deputy Prime Minister, and he did this not through greed of the position, but to prevent this country going to the dogs through what he very factually referred to as nepotism, cronyism and corruption.

Mahahtir had not read Anwar's intentions, he still thought Anwar was his man, but he failed to realise that before Anwar joined UMNO he was reformist, it was on the tacit understanding that he would be allowed to   carry out those reforms from within UMNO from Mahathir that Anwar joined the government.
Musa was against the idea of admitting Anwar,  so too were a lot of UMNO top dogs then, but with Musa's resignation these UMNO men, typical of UMNO men, decided to throw their weight behind Anwar, and so when Anwar contested the position of Deputy in UMNO no one  dared to object except for a then close Mahahtir aide, "the fat lady" Rafidah Aziz.

Mahathir complained then when Anwar challenged Ghaffar that people do not listen to him anymore.

He would have preferred Ghaffar in the position of DPM so that he could continue to lead unchallenged. Rafidah probably spoke on Mahahtir's advice to test the UMNO mood, but then in UMNO people do not display their mood unless the leadership tells them what to do, and no one was sure who was the leader at that time, Anwar or Mahathir, and Mahathir was caught unaware when this young Malaysian leader whom he claims to have personally groomed talked about Nepotism, Cronyism and Corruption under his leadership, it was an affront to the boss himself, and that was when Mahathir decided to get Anwar.

In UMNO at that time Anwar was very powerful, any attempt to remove him would mean the general membership would have rallied behind Anwar and removed Mahathir, and so the only way to get at Anwar was to discredit him so badly no one would dare challenge the authoritiies.

Anwar was not only seen as a strong UMNO leader, he was seen as a strong Muslim leader too, the people in general were fed up of Mahathir. There was corruption all around and it was so blatant, if anybody dared to expose it they were caught and charged, one such person was Irene Fernandez of Teniganita, when she questioned the government's task force and the illegal worker problem. Anwar realised the problem then and that will explain why Irene was one of the first people at the scene when Anwar was sacked from his position as DPM by Mahathir.

That charge of sodomy had to be brought, it would ruin Anwar politically, morally, and make  him an outcast  with the general Malay population.

The stage was set for the worst performance of a Kangaroo Court, the  person who would make the allegations would be woman, she woudl be related to a close Anwar aide, that would make the case very strong,  that would make everything believable, that lady is Umi Hafilda.

As soon as he was sacked Mahathir realised Anwar's  popularity, a huge section of the UMNO faithful rose up against Mahathir,  those who supported him were those who were beholden ot UMNO as they were beneficiaries of the system  of cronyism, nepotism and corruption.

 Mahathir knew he had to put Anwar away for good and he thougt he had managed that when Anwar was jailed and when in the subsequent General Elections Anwar's party PKR were unable to present a real challenge.In fact when Badawi went to the polls the first time Mahathir was convinced that he had buried Anwar and the opposition, he was feeling very comfortable indeed, his retirement plans were intact he could now use all his time to expand the empire of his sons and enrich the Mahahtirian clan. His favourite project reminds me of  the poem in elementary  school, " there was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile," here we had a crooked bridge.

Under Badawi however the crooked bridge went straight, Proton was not given the same kind of preferential treatment it once enjoyed, Mahathir could not even get representative rights to the UMNO General Assembly Badawi made sure of that. The Lingam case in which Badawi allowed for a RCI made ematters worse, it exposed Mahathir and  to make matters worse  Anwar was back in contention, and as Badawi slept, the empire began to crumble as Anwar began attacking him from all fronts.

After that tsunami general elections Anwar poised a real challenge, there was the real possibility of UMNO men crossing over to the PKR side to form the next government,  it was really a tsunami, never since 1969 had the situation been so bad for UMNO,  Mahathir was shivering, he was desperate he needed first to get Badawi out of the way, an needed to get Najib in . He even lied when  he said that there was a tacit understanding that Badawi would serve only one term, that he would  be a stop gap PM.

Even if Mahathir was telling the truth, then it is evident that he had plans to run UMNO from behind the scenes, if he wanted Najib in, then he was also planning for the ascension of  his son Mukhriz, and that would explain why Khairy who was an elected youth chief was left with out and not given a cabinet posting, but his son Mukhriz, who was defeated by Khairy was.

Now it is apparent  Anwar has to be put off for good, he poses a reasl challenge, the Malays are fed up of all the corruption, the people do nto see PAS as the bogeyman - UMNO has always made them out to be, When Anwar wins in the next general elections all that cases of nepotism, cronyism and corruption will become public domain, many will be charged for the ill gotten gains they acquired under the patronage of Mahathir Mohammed who as usual will deny he had any knowledge of it. Mahathir will be in serious problems, the Mahathirian dynasty will be in trouble, so too will Najib's, Badawi's, Muhyudin's, Sharizat's and the list goes on, even the cows in UMNO will be taken to task and no one in UMNOis ready for that. Now that does that explain Najib's cry that they'd defend UMNO with their lives, is he threatening us Malaysians at large?

The only way out for Najib, Mahathir and UMNO including their lackeys is to lock Anwar up and put him away for good, sometimes I am under the impression they'd  do an Aquino on him. And that explains Sodomy 2.

Case 2
Now does that explain why Chua Soi Lek is not charged as well, they may not like him, he may be an irritant, but then he is not anti UMNO, in fact they can use him to the fullest extent to serve their own purposes a dagger hangs over his head,  and they are doing just that.There is no necessity to charge Chua Soi Lek, it will not serve UMNO's purpose.

 Case 3.
Umi Hafilda has made the UMNO operations  it quite apparent, she is quoted as saying, "she and her 'allies' will attack the three A's and they are waiting for the next General Elections.

Our courts have been far from fair, the judge in Anwar's case has not allowed him a proper defense, he was denied the  Najib's testimony in court, it was, the PM as we all know had claimed that Saiful went to his house to apply for a "scholarship," we'd like to know more about that absurd story in open court, Anwar would wnat to know that for an effective defence, Rosmah  had even told Karpal to stop threatening her, both of them are key players in the case and the defence has  to be given every avenue at to defend Anwar, they were not. How fair is this trial.

 Response Needed
For these reasons and most of all for our beloved King and country we must all be there come January 9, the Chief of Police has allowed us the Court Car park for the assembly let us all be there, let us  display our live for Justice, and our beloved country.

9th January morning at the Duta Court car park, I'll be there, will you join me, will you ask your friends to join me and be counted.

Justice for Anwar first, he represent all of us in the matter of justice, and only  then Putrajaya.

Anwar is confident that Putrajaya will be rid of  UMNO and its cronies come the next General elections and aren't we all?

For details on the event please follow this page we shall keep you informed,

Malaysiakini reports
Police have also allowed Malay rights group Perkasa to gather as well on Monday, but within the compound of the Federal Territory mosque.

The mosque is located 300 metres from the Jalan Duta court complex, where Pakatan aims to gather 100,000 supporters to show solidarity with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who will know his second sodomy trial verdict that day.

Rahman said Perkasa, together with other Malay right wing NGOs such as Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Pekida) and Pertubuhan Permufakatan Majlis Ayahanda Malaysia (Permas), would hold prayer sessions and ceramah in the mosque from Sunday until Monday, to pray for national peace.

He expects 2,000 members to turn up.

Perkasa does not need a permit,  and under the latest amendments we are under the impression that you can't gather for such purposes in Mosques, Temples and Churches. Notice how UMNO supporters and cronies can do as they please and the law does not apply to them.

anwar confident of taking over Putrajaya

Police okay Pro Anwar rally on 9 January

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