Monday, December 5, 2011

The UMNO invasion of Jonker Street Melaka.

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It has always happened  at the banks of the Melaka river the invasion of Melaka by marauders of all kinds, and the latest is now UMNO poised to take over the business district of Jonker Street (the famed Jonker Walk)

It is not the ordinary Bumiputra who is involved it is the umnoputras and their cronies, some cronies are bigger than you can think. All so called Malay rights are in the  hands of greedy Umnoputras, the elite of Umno and their cronies, many of whom squander all that  is given to them, the famous feedlot case currently being exposed.

With the establishment of a hotel acclaimed to be the most expensive in Melaka on the banks of the river, with rack rates quoted at RM750, the setting up of the "Hard Rock Cafe" in Melaka the invasion of  Jonker street has begun.

This is not only confined to Jonker street but to any place where business is thriving, and the umnoputras have the clout to go in invade and take over, what happens after that is of no consequence, they come in fully sure they can succeed and they feel that the only way to go about it is to drive the present businesses away and take over the entire Jonker street area lock stock and barrel.

Jonker walk attracts thousands of tourists week in week out, Melaka hotels are fully booked and rates are far higher than those in Kuala Lumpur during the wekends, the Jonker street business community are made up mostly of extremely enterprising local Chinese some of whom are Bumiputra too by virtue of the fact that they are from the Baba/Nonya community.

There is one Indian Muslim shop or rather two owned by the same people who sell antique, they could be distantly related to Mahathir Mohammed, for like him they  they are Malabarees  too. This time around I was surprised when I visited the shop and saw a notice saying that visitors woudl have to pay about RM3/- per entry in what they seem to want run as a mini museum, the question that keeps lingering in my mind is, are these the signs of what is to come?

Hard Rock Cafe will be strategically  located just on the left when you cross the bridge from the clock tower,  so will the rest of the shops on the right of Jonker stret be turned into a privatised museum, in the UMNO take over plan?

HRC announcement says, "Hard Rock Cafe Melaka cafe will be located near the famous Jonker Walk, situated within the core zone of UNESCO world heritage site. Featuring diverse dining, nightlife and cultural offerings, the 9,000-square-foot iconic restaurant is poised to become the city’s newest landmark destination. The new Melaka cafe will be Hard Rock’s third cafe in Malaysia for veteran franchise partner HRC Holdings Pte Ltd. and local partner Tan Sri Syed Yusof Tun Syed Nasir."

The entire business of the area is being strategically vyed upon by  umnoputras. If it was the ordinary Bumiputra buying over businesses in the area it would have been good,  but here the Umnoputras are using the same tactics they use in other localities to drive the Jonker street builders, those who actually help create the tourist trade in Jonker street out of Jonker street.

You only have to park your car in joker street  in a no park zone in Jonker street, and the efficient policemen or  the City council enforcement officer will  attach a ticket to your car almost instantly. Just go to there to Jonker street and ask anyone who operates a business there. One wonders why the police are so efficient in Melaka in Jonker street and  so much less efficient in Jalan Tengku Kelana Klang, a main road leading to the main bridge in town. Efficiency of the traffic police and the Municipal enforcement officers  are unbelievable, you have to be there to witness it first hand for yourself.

Why this selective efficiency, I wanted to purchase an antique gramaphone but the man in the shop warned me that if I came by and stopped my car along the street to carry it in he could not assure me that I'd not get a ticket, he told me they are merciless, they'll stick it up first no talk, but then again why only in Melaka?

That seems to be UMNO's invasion of Melaka, the people of Jalan Sultan (Chinatown area) in Kuala Lumpur are feeling the heat too, then there is the Ocean supermarket area in Klang which has today become a complete failure, no thanks to the BN Klang Kota Bridge project that took ages to complete it killed off the business in the area around Goh Hock Huat area, it closed the Ocean supermarket and the Umnoputeras are now st to move in.

I am sure we are all too familiar with the KFC takeover issue some years back when suddenly because they failed they labeled KFC as not halal. Now I find difficulty in obtaining my favourite Golden Churn Butter, it has been declared non halal too. One wonders if "Halal" is being used to drive business monopoly. How does butter that is derived purely from Cows milk be classified non halal, the cow has to be alive for it to be milked for goodness sake and Austrailia is not known for bacon and ham industry, its all cattle, its beef is halal, so too are its lamb and mutton but how on earth did butter become non halal? Were there some conflicts in business? Well I really do not know, but one needs to ask to be told in detail, so that items are not just blindly banned.

Now after the Portuguese in 1511, the Dutch in 1641, and its cessation to the English by way of the Anglo Dutch treaty in 1824 and not forgetting the Japanese occupation of Malaya, Melaka is again being invaded this time by the Umnoputra, more scruples than all the rest I guess, because this is Malaysian against Malaysian, where one treats the other as a foreigner.


  1. Hey Toffee. What you have written above is indeed very general in nature. You did not give examples or indications of what gave you the impressions that the Umnoputras are indeed creeping in to take over Jonker Walk. You only touch on the setting up of HRC and the paying of RM3 for entry into an antique shop. Can you go further than that to really provide real indications of a take over?

  2. Yes, I agree with Toffee. Not only can one see changes in Jonker Street, even MelakaRaya/Dataran Pahlawan area is invaded by these "enterprising" umnoputras ...dunno where they get the funds and donno how only the prime locations are allocated to them ???? Daylight robbery......