Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sharizat to be dropped - Breaking News.

The Sharizat issue takes centre stage.
Either she goes or no one goes, the ball's in Najib's court.

The non performing UMNO members have found the excuse they were looking for not to go to Najib to say that they'll step down, even those who have told him so now have a change of heart, "if Sharizat can stay why can't we," is the question lingering in the corridors of power now.

A good number of MPs targeted by Najib to be dropped come from Muhydin's camp, the DPM has been in strong support of Sharizat to cover up his own folly of having given National Feedlot Corp to Sharizat's husband even without a  proper tender excercise, he sent it to Abbdullah Badawi for approval and whilst Abdullah was asleep Khairy okayed it and Abdullah signed the approval.

The DPM never expected this to come back smack into his face at such a crucial time, he has been trying to defend Sharizat all this while and so was Khairy Jamaluddin, both of them are now in the same predicament as is the Wanita head.

Najib sees this as the excuse he needed to throw out all or at least the majority of the DPMs men, but after having made a pact with the DPM he is not sure what he has to do in the face of the next General Elections, as he knows there are others in UMNO to take him on as well.

The talk among the neutrals is that Sharizat will be dropped, this is because she does not have  a good equation with Rosmah and Rosmah's influence at this stage is sufficient for Najib to drop her but  the question is when.

Najib can't wait for the last minute that way he'll be sending a wrong message to the existing MPs whom he wants to drop, if he decides to drop them at the eleventh hour too, it will only raise their expectations and when they find out they have been dropped they will work against Najib and UMNO, this is the typical UMNO culture.

A senior UMNO memebr and member of Parliament had this to say, "Najib, he has no right to tell people to move out, not even if he wanted to say it to Khir Toyo, who is Najib, his name all tainted, all busu, he has not come out to clear it, Scorpene, Altantuya, so many purchases of equipment that is so expensive, I tell you he is not a clever man, he thinks he is very clever actually he very stupid, and the Malays are getting angry with him. Worst still his wife control him, tell me what did he achieve as PM?" Then raising his voice he said, "bl@#dy fool, all he do is to use rakyat money take Rosmah go shopping, not enough ah, all the money from his corruption. This man want to tell Sharizat to step down? No way, he can't even tell Khir Toyo to step down."

There seems to be a whole lot of wisdom in what he says, so I asked him, "Dato will you be asked to step down," his  reply,  "he can't ask me or tell me that, but I tell you very honestly lah, I am stepping down, I am fed up, you know, fed up."

This is really a disaster, there was no substance from the Prime Minsiter when he spoke at the UMNO general assembly, he lacked vision, he lacked foresight, he lacked commitment, he lacked most of all and very sadly leadership, the question now is do we deserve to be led by  idiots of such proportions? This  PM who openly said he is not  worried about the caliber of the people made by candidates by BN as long as they are able to win the votes it will be alright, they do not have to be graduates or academically excellent.

That statement is a very clear sign of what he plans for the nation in future, with idiots as MPs he can run this country bankrupt.

Want to be an idiot? UNDI LAH BARISAN NASIONAl!!!!!! for corruption, corruption and bankruptcy.



  1. Give us a chance la, we haven't reached the ultimate goal of the complete destruction of Malaysia.

    - Dumno

  2. GOD forbid! Go for change - a new PR Government

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