Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taib and the BN doing a Hosni Mubarak in Sarawak


BY Theo Serampang

They have blocked the Sarawak report, of course they'll tell the whole world  they don't do such things,  they can say anything but will anyone in his right mind believe what the BN says these days? Who elsee would want to block Sarawak Report?

The Penans? Oh come off it BN for once try, at least try to tell the people the truth.

Now that is the same story all over and over again, you see they claim that  a man who was to be married the next day, who had sent messages to his friends to be there, committed suicide, that too when he was in their custody, and when you hold an inquiry they forget all the things that are important to the inquiry, you can't foul these civil  servants when they say such things it is the BN way, their ex chief did just that at another RCI.

Then a truth we uncovered yesterday, the Government backed media came out screaming that Taib would leave after the elections. Najib's press statement was carefully worded, to give people the impression that it would happen soon, today  Taib comes out to clear the air himself, he reveals he'll leve in a few years time, that could  even be four years from now. he has completely no regard for Najib, that is what he is also trying to relay to the people.

Taib like Hosni Mubarak has no intention of leaving, he has unfinished business in Sarawak, the people are angry, he has to silence them, there are land issues with the natives  he has to silence them  once and for all so that he and his cronies including the Federal Government will be able to "acquire" the land for "development" (Bakun Type) projects.

There are religious issues he has to sort it out his way,  there are issues of his own personal wealth he has to settle once and for all so that his children can leave the state with all the wealth he has created, so how can he  be expected to leave so soon?

The people of Sarawak have to act and act fast to put a stop to Taib before he puts a stop to all their rights..

The Prime Minister came out with the statement on Taib on Sunday, because the BN realises that Taib is not only baggage in Sarawak, but a huge liability to the Barisan Nasional, and he has to go, but then Taib is a powerful man in his own right, he is the Chief Minister of Sarawak, and if he decides to pull out of the BN the entire Federal Government will fall, so Najib and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin had to keep their mouth shut when he flatly refused their request to step down immediately. This is yet another issue they'll deny.

Now the deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin  says the BN is not anti-Christian, he could be right, you've got to see it his way,  what he is trying to say is,  The BN  is  not only anti Chrisitian, we are anti every other religion.

I shall not dwell on these issues if he feels comfortable raising religious issues which is after all a BN forte let it be so, they always find joy in finding the elements with which they can most  divide the electorate to begin with.

What must be said is that their claim that the Bible issue is settled is far from the truth, there are differences in the issue of the Bible in East and West Malaysia, aren't we after all one country or are they saying Sarawak and Sabah are different? That could be very very true because they have been treating Sabah and Sarawak very differently, and that is why both those states remain backward.

On the issue of the CM for Sarawak, since Muhyiddin Yassin brought out the topic coudl we have a Christian as the next CM, that shoudl not be an issue since UMNO always looks at a Malay and Muslim for thee Menteri Besars?

My take is that there is no one in the line up right now for the position in the Barisan camp and hence they will ahve to wait till Taib calls it quits, but will he? On the other hand that relative of his who is standing as an independent is actually his insurance should he be defeated, and the CM's post will yet be a family affair. If you remember the last time it happened he was suppsoed to be fighting withhis uncle Rahman.

The BN is nothing but deceit, lies and plunder, in Sarawak, UMNO has taken the place of the colonialists and Taib is UMNO's governor general.

If the people of Sarawak want to retain their Heritage, their lands and their rights they have to remove the BN now, it is now or never..

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