Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seif al-Islam attempts a desperate buy out of the Libyans

ReuniĆ³n con el presidente de Libia Muammar Al-...Gaddafi and Chavez 

Ahmad Jibreel, a Libyan diplomat, has  confirmed that the minister of Justice In Libya   had sided with the protesters and that he has joined the demonstrators.

 Now that major cities are in the hands of the people we shall be able to allow in the foreign media said Ahmad Jibreel

"The more he kills our people the more people come out to the streets, he can't buy us, he can't intimidate us anymore, we want our freedom."

“Gaddafi's guards started shooting people in the second day and they shot two people only. We had on that day in Al Bayda city only 300 protesters. When they killed two people, we had more than 5,000 at their funeral, and when they killed 15 people the next day, we had more than 50,000 the following day.

His comments came hours after Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, a son of the Libyan leader, warned of a civil war if anti-government protests continue to spread in the country.

Speaking on state television in the early hours of Monday morning, Seif Gaddafi blamed thugs, inmates, foreigners and Islamists for the unrest that has spread across the country since February 14.

He promised a conference on constitutional reforms within two days and said Libyans should “forget oil and petrol” and prepare themselves for occupation by “the West” if they failed to agree.

The younger Gaddafi contrasted the situation in Libya with revolts earlier this year in Egypt and Tunisia, where longtime rulers were forced step down or fled in the face of mass popular discontent.

Protesters in Libya have similarly called for Muammar Gaddafi's ousting, but his son warned against this, saying “Libya is different, if there is disturbance it will split into several states”.

“You can say we want democracy and rights, we can talk about it, we should have talked about it before. It's this or war. Instead of crying over 200 deaths, we will cry over hundreds of thousands of deaths.

“Brothers, there are $200bn worth of projects at stake now. We will agree to all these issues immediately. We will then be able to keep our country, unlike our neighbors.

“Or else, be ready to start a civil war and chaos and forget oil and petrol.”

But his statements have failed to hinder demonstrations. Protesters say they have taken control of several key towns, including the eastern city of Benghazi. Al Bayda and Sabha were also said to have been taken over by protesters. 

Gaddafi in the meantime is not to be seen, his appearance on TV was short and there was no way of determining if he was in Libya, or wiith his friend Hosni Mubarak in Egypt or in Venezuela.

Cuba is reported to be willing to offer him refuge if conditions are met.
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