Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mahathir set to move his son on the fast lane

After  having successfully sidelined the UMNO youth president Khairy Jamaluddin for his son who lost the battle for the UMNO youth position Mahathir Mohammed is now setting up the stage  to get his son Mukhriz bin Mahathir  to post via the fast lane.

His call for an eight year term  for Najib is clearly the biggest indication of his intentions, and Mahathir is set on this plan. History is about to repeat itself and unless checked Mukhriz will become PM at the end of that term, with Hishamuddin serving a short term in the interim and that too, maybe.

He now gives excuses about the happenings during his tenure, he has said he spoke to opposition leaders when in fact he spoke to only one, and that too an agent of UMNO who was a DAP leader. 

He now says he wanted to scrap the ISA, but the police refused to allow him to do so, what crap. Is he telling us that during his tenure the police were the law makers? If that was the case then they were law breakers and he is one too. he is trying his best to look good, he  wants people to think he is a saint.

Mahathir is the man who removed Hishamuddin's father out of office with the greatest of  ease, he just cleaned up his office when the man had gone to England for medical treatment after a heart attack, and as a doctor deprived Hussein Onn the privilege of  the advanced medical treatment, the type  he received after his major attack. Hussein Onn died so soon after his first attack, Mahathir continues to live and plague our society by availing himself to the best medical care available, we do not need this pest.

He will now formulate his strategy to remove Muhyuddin as soon as possible and set his son up for a higher position.

I can see him make the first move at the next UMNO General Assembly, he has removed both Toyo, and Khairy and feels it will be smooth sail for his son, Mukhriz bin Mahathir.

Mukhriz bin Mahathir  will turn into a firebrand the type required to stir UMNO sentiment, he will bring in his own brand of Ketuanan Melayu, perkasa will be the tool to assist him in that direction, Mahathir will ensure that Najib removes Muhyuddin before then and Mukhriz will then go for the Deputy Presidency with his new found fame amongst the UMNOPUTERAS.

Money will be no problem in the campaigns, UMNO elections has always been about money,  he has the cronies to support his cause and Mukhriz has nothing to worry about that,  moreover his other brothers  have their fair share of wealth which they earned through the benevolence of their father when was in office.

Winning UMNO elections by hook or by crook, more by crook will be no problem for Mukhriz, he  has only to ask his father who is master at that game, we all know, they may even resort to a "Baru UMNO Baru" in the process.

If things get too bad then those who oppose Mukhriz bin Mahathir's father's plans, will be charged with Sodomy, to effectively carry it out Police personnel will be given promotions, and will be retained even after retirement, and after the whole episode he'll blame the Police.

I shall not talk about the Judiciary,I shall allow you to draw your conclusions of what might or might not happen.

He should be the last person to talk about the term of the PM, if he had done what he preaches now, Musa would have been PM followed Anwar  and Malaysia be a better  better country.

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