Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Your Neighbour Is In Trouble.

Now all of a sudden this government requires all traders, that means even your neighborhood sundry shop owner to apply for a license to stock and sell Sugar, cooking oil, rice and flour.

Sundry shop owners have already come under a barrage of competition that is threatening to put them out of business. The big hyper markets, convenience stores and supermarkets use their clout - their bulk purchase power, to get items at a cheaper prices the n what these small traders are able to, and flout it at prices the sundry shop owners can ill afford to.

To make matters worse some unscrupulous suppliers take the unsold goods from supermarket shelves - the older stock that is with lesser shelf life and sell them to the sundry shop owner, who is now being made to look like a third rate dealer.

The livelihood of this small trader keeps coming under threat constantly and no thanks to this this government and the new ruling it is going to add more difficulties to this small trader.

Never mind the fact that even the big traders need to have this license as well, they have the machinery in place to do it, but to ask the small trader and the neighborhood grocer to comply seems to be a move with some sinister motives, they type the BN is famous for.

Is this license another way of enriching the UMNOPUTERA? Is this to be an Ali Baba business? Is this a way round of keeping the NEP going )special privileges)? Is this a way to restrict others from trading? Will future licenses also go out only on a racial basis so that only UMNOPUTERAS will benefit from owning the license? Or, is this an another indirect way of collecting a subsidy reimbursement, pulling wool over the eyes of the rakyat? And, will the issuance for hundreds of this license in future be used at election rallies?

Imagine a trader in the neighborhood who can't sell rice, sugar, cooking oil and wheat flour. who will want to go to him, the shop with the lisence will now have the distinct advantage and the one without will have to close. Is this government going to provide this advantage to their friends and kill off the rest, it sure looks like that, and from past records of this government we must assume that is what they intend to do.

This is done to enrich their party folk, the next time we'll notice the shops with the BN logo on the door, a tag line that says, "another BN shop to screw you up." Credit given only to UMNO, MIC and MCA members. it may sound weird but if you do not see the logic in this you have yet to understand how the BN works.

Leaving all that aside there is a great danger that this move by this government, to make sure that only those with a license will be able to trade in these essential items is a sinister move to restrict people from doing business, unless they assure the public that anyone who applies for such a license will get one as is guaranteed under the spirit of free enterprise.

The more you look at it, with APs, special license, petrol station operators, even gambling outlet operators, indicates that this government controls businesses to operate on a racial basis. We all know that Petronas stations are only for Malays operators, even the other service stations of the kind from the other oil companies seem to go only to the Malays, and the majority if not all are UMNOPUTERAS.

Through the controlled media they even once threatened to put the newspaper vendor out of job once, they seem to be now targeting the normal retail trader and the motive as I see it can't be anything but sinister, to serve the goals and aspirations of the UMNOPUTERA< and the UMNOPUTERA alone.

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