Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Housing Loans, Bumi vs Non Bumi - Discrimination of the highest order

 Sime Darby's recent loss under the stewardship of Musa Hitam was funded by us, demand that all those responsible be prosecuted.
Some banks are fond of   funding  UMNO's illegitimate activities, remember the Harun Idris case?
Is this one Malaysia? 
We already have to fork out 7% extra, and on top of that we have to subsidize the loan. 
You still think PKR is not good enough? 
Well at least UMNO knows it is a threat to them, and that is why UMNO is pumping millions to corrupt and win over PKR assemblymen and Parliamentarians. 
Don't get fooled by the BN, they are masters of the game, they are the worlds greatest  cheats.


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