Monday, May 31, 2010

Gasbags a plenty in the MIC

This huge GAS rally is nothing but GASS, a bunch of gasbags trying to fool the oft fooled Indian Community who can't see where their bread is buttered, or maybe where the sambar and chutney are for their Thosai.

It is the inherent vacuum being created by Samy's exit that they intend to fill, they know the crowd are in a mood for change and they want to capitalise from this change to get maximum advantage and sadly this is the typical BN political hype and has been so for a very long time, we've seen it in UMNO, the MCA and now in the MIC. This is getting to look quite MCAish after the Ong Tee Keat debacle.

In the other Barisan parties it is a race to become millionaire extraordinaire, by selling your community to UMNO and racial politics.

This is Malaysia we should have no room for Indians, Chinese and Malays, only Malaysians, and that is how our political landscape has to be carved, that is the only way we shall progress, to do it we have to rid ourselves of the UMNO, the MCA and the MIC first.

Just take a look at what these gasbags are saying, V Subramaniam, more popularly known by the name Baratmaniam, blasted Samy for the loss of RM9 million of RM10 Telekom shares that were meant for the Indian community in 1990, and raised the MIED scandal, which is an Institute meant for the community and not one individual.

V Govindarajoo a veteran MIC leader apologized to the crowd for having brought Samy Veloo into MIC, he is reported to have said, “I've felt very sorry. Samy has betrayed the community and the nation. He did this not only to MIC, but MCA and Umno as well. I was the one who introduced Samy to MIC, and now, he must step down and get out,”

The sacked CWC member KP Samy, addressing the audience, alleged Samy Veloo to be the cause of the downfall and economic deprivation of Indians.

Mugilan claimed that RM5 million had been spent to stop people from attending the GAS rally, implying some rough hand tactics used to stop members from attending, and even saying a member could have been kidnapped.

The anti climax of the whole issue was when Mugilan asked the government to give Samy Veloo a "Senior Position" if he steps down, for all he has done the government should contemplate arresting him and not rewarding him.

That is this Muluigan, and he is aspiring to be a future MIC leader will anyone ever have him besides some ignorant Indians in this country, made ignorant by the BN government and the MIC. Like UMNO these people thrive on making the rakyat ignorant.

Samy deserves to be kicked off, and MIC deserves the only next best thing - to be cast into the dustbins of Malaysian political history for good.

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