Saturday, August 1, 2009

Reports from the scene, it has begun

Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA Chairman Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh,contemplating a bigger rally soon.

Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA Chairman Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh said that they would try to hand over memorandum to Palace another day
Rally a huge success a big hand to those who were there for you, and the next time please make sure you are here too, and counted.

If there is to be a measure of success, 157 organisers arrested prior to today's rally, (see star report today, quoting the Police) and yet about 100,00 people turned up in support of the cause, in the case of Perwaris the pro government organizers, Zero arrests and Zero turnout. Its true what the PAS, DAP and PKR claim the rally was ahuge success.

Dr Mujahid Yusuf Rawa arrested, Sivarasa of PKR arrested they cops need Tien Chua to make it one Indian, one, Malay and one Chinese, so stupid these racialists.

Reports from the PAS HQ says its a stand off, the Police on the outside and the party heads on the inside, sheer provocation, as long as the cops remain outside the PAS HQ the supporters will remain on the streets, its a stand off created by the police.

The police seem to be provoking the issue, they're regrouping at Sogo, and intimidating the crowd, this may go on for hours more, this is a mixed crowd, a truly Malaysian crowd, and they are taking on the police.

This blog reported about 400 detained, jsut received from DSAI;
anwaribrahim: 200 people and may be more were detained. This is a blatant abuse of law and against the cardinal principles of democratic nation.

The police ate targetting Tien Chua at PAS HQ.

"Police trying to get into the PAS headquarters, they claim the protesters are inside they want to get at them. A classic case of ISA in action, this is whay they need the ISA to silence their critics, and not for security, for security they have to arrest BN leaders who alleged to have been involved in criminal activities, and Kugan's killers."
Razak B

The other group Perwaris, comprising the Silat experts, not to be seen. Whoever this perwaris fellow is he has attempted to shame the Silat experts of this country, he forgot they are men of principles the real Silat experts and they will not fallfor his shallowness.

If there is to be a measure of success to this rally, the police have confirmed the arrest of 157 people
before the rally (the Star- 3.30 pm. and yet the rally went on.

Kuala Krai Pas MP
Hatta Ramli saved by the crowd when police were attacking him.

4.30 Police at the PAS HQ, jsut outside not gone in yet, or are they going to go In?

4.27 p.m. my sources tell me that tear gas is still being fired at the crowds in the Sogo and Raja laut areas, a police source says they have to finish the stock as the expiry date is close at hand.

Total arrests could exceed 400 people, the capital is in turmoil and the PM is in Kota Baru.

Hit by chemically laced water, me yes me, being treated by a a young Malay boy, cool man.

Cops have lost their cool even as people disperse they are attacking them.

Just when we thought it was all over, tear gas firing again, water cannon in the Sogo area. its 4.17 now.

Cops are back at the scene, they are fidgety, I think the IGP has to call them back to base, they seem to be stressed out.

"Its all over, what a shame it could have been the biggest marketing event of the year," a business proprietor tells me, "a crowd of about 50,000, what an opportunity lost, it could have been turned into sales, we do not get such opportunities for free these days, the police spoilt the event, its not easy to host such a huge event."

When asked if he does not see it as a threat, his reply "was what threat, there are threats everyday, and if the police can work as efficiently around here everyday there will be absolutely no threat at all."
"Ah you can't talk to police you know, they'll not understand."

Total crowd estimated at above 50,000.
All PKR leaders in PAS HQ, press conference to follow.
The rally is a success even without the petition handed to the King, the entire nation is now talking.

PKR leaders trying their best to make it to the PAS headquarters.

Attention shifts to the PAS headquarters, as the crowds move towards the PAS HQ, the police seem to be regrouping as well. A confrontation is brewing.

The one thing we can be proud of is, that even when faced by a brutal and provocative police force, we the people do not resort to violence.

All is quiet, except for a few helicopters, are the Police taking new orders?

Police in plain clothes mingling with the crowds and arresting them at will, so far more than 100 detaine
Sivarasa PKR Vice president arrested.

Kit Siang's comment in Anil Netto's web page;
limkitsiang: Effective use of water canon, FRUs & police today show if IGP focus on his job, there can be 0% crime rate in Msia. What a misplaced talent.

View, people on the scene are talking to him via twitter.

3.00 p.m

Police brutality in its element, you have to be here to witness it, oh what have I been missing, our cops are excellent in this area, must be the best in the world, police attacking innocent civilians, never witnessed or heard of this before.
Total crowd estimated at fifty thousand, about 20,000 at Dataran Merdeka, 20,000 at City Hall and about 10,000 at the National Mosque, more should team up again, as those who scattered from the Sogo Dang Wangi area regroup.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Datuk Mahfuz Omar and Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin are at the demonstration
The indiscriminate firing of the water cannon has begun, typical signature violent action of the Royal Malaysian Police, innocent onlookers with children are caught in this fire, and this police force does not seem to care.

There is no one from the government camp to witness these atrocities, because it is they who call for it. On my way into the thick of action I saw what looked like a dog, a pariah dog (mongrel), with its tail between its legs, running away, someone said, "Gerakan, " I wonder what it meant.
If you're not here follow me, for updates.

Even as I write more and more people are beginning to be arrested on site by the Royal Malaysian Police, the so called Police of the people whose duty it is to ensure
that the rights of the rakyat are protected, are arresting people over a peaceful demonstration of people expressing thier frustrations over the ISA, with a petition to the King.

Are the Police using this ISA to detain these people? The same police who arrested Theresa Kok over some wild allegations, the same Police who arrested and detained a reporter of
a Chinese daily, claiming later they did it for her own safety.

Up to this moment 2.18 p.m an estimated 80 persons have been arrested, they ahve been picked form various points in the City, Sogo, Central Market, the Masjid Jamek LRT station and even the national Mosque.

The City police chief Deputy Comm Mohd Sabtu Othman, is believed to be leading operations, he is reproted to have said police arrested over 25 people, including suspected organisers of illegal gatherings, near the National Mosque.

The Seremban-Sungai Besi Highway, Jalan Kelapa Gading, Jalan Mahameru, roads around Dataran Merdeka, Jalan Travers and roads around Istana Negara have been closed, in an apparent attempt by the police to block the people from delivering their message to the King.

So far no one from the other group has been arrested, in fact the other group is not to be seen at all during this time.

One fo the marchers has told us come rain or shine, Police water Cannon, tear gas or even gun fire they are determined to reach the King, to hand him this petitiion. Encik Hafiz Busoh, who claims to be an enlightened UMNO syas, "I am here to lend support to this, a worthy cause, i do not have to toe UMNO's line all the time, I support anything reasonable."

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