Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beer? Barking up the wrong tree

Why this hypocritical noise over the sales of beer I wonder, is that really a problem, I am sixty and have Muslim friends, many Muslim friends who used to smoke, drink and make merry, they even had girlfriends they used to date freely and vice versa, today most of them have stopped drinking, today some of them smoke and most of them have kicked the habit - it's my Muslim friends I am talking about.

Today I see many Malay boys, mostly Muslim, they make up 90 percent of the drug addict population in this country, they are hooked on heroin, and from my own experience working with them in 1996 I have found out that this habit, which is the scourge of the nation is the biggest menace, not drinking and smoking or going out with your girlfriend or friends as the case may be.

In spite of the death sentence for pushers and peddlers, these boys still get their fix and the drug trade flourishes in Malaysia unabated.

In 1996, I took about a hundred boys from the Pusat Serenti in Tampin to work at the factory where I was the Head of HR. We brought them in, we placed them in hostels just by the plant, we had a warden to look after them, and besides my own personal attention and that of one of our own in house wardens, I was, I thought on a mission to get these boys to kick the habit and turn over a new leaf, I was very committed to this ideal, I was looking forward to pull this project through.

The commandant of that Pusat Serenti saw that in me, one Major Mohammed, he sat me down, and he warned me that these boys were very difficult to rehabilitate, he even told me, 'sir if you can rehabilitate at least two or three you are good, if you get one to kick the habit be very happy because that is a huge success.'

I told him off, I did not like his negativity, I told him I was shocked about his attitude, and the good Major a seasoned army man patiently continued, "you see sir" he said, "I see the enthusiasm in you, it is you, I am worried about, I do not want you to get depressed about this and this is real, take my advice, but carry on you are doing a good job."

All those who have worked with drug addicts will tell you the Major was right, he was very right, I had these boys for only a period of about six to eight months before the Home Minsitry decided to end the programme, I went there and demanded an explanation, I fought and got my boys to stay for a further three to six months as the Ministry was releasing them in stages , then as they were being released from their detention I saw with my own eyes what happens.

I'll not go into the decision of the ministry to release these boys from detention at that stage, its technical, it and it is very subjective.

The very first day the first boy in my charge was released from detention, he took a bus to KL and got his long awaited shot, he was caught on his return by the warden and was sent back to the Pusat. This chap was from Trengganu I remember, he did not know KL, but when he wanted his shot, he knew exactly where to go on the first day, and if these guys have such a powerful network what are our authorities doing? Their priority I think is to catch these boys who drink beer or go out with girlfriends, I am sure in their younger days our PM and his father included, had their time, but today these boys cant.

The children elite who are schooled in England, the States, Australia and Europe, even Singapore are free to enjoy their youth and grow up in the process, the remaining unfortunate Malay children whose parents are not rich enough to send them overseas, have to stay at home and be watched of their every move by these 'morality enforces.'
The leaders who are the elite and who know of their childrens exploits keep mum and allow the local Malay youth here to be discriminated against, only for their own political advantage.

What is the 'Mat Rempit' problem? Is it difficult to understand? Why is it growing?

These youth need the experience of growing up, they are at a stage of their lives where they need to be free to try and learn from their mistakes and experiences, stop them from what comes naturally, or what we have accepted as social norms and they'll fight you with all they have got, and that is the "Mat Rempit."
Guidance Yes!!!!!!! Enforcement No!!!!!!!!


No I bet not, all the UMNO big wigs know this, that is why there is no real attempt to stamp out the 'Mat Rempit,' its all political, totally political, The 'Mat Rempit' is crying out to be understood, crying out for recognition of his adulthood, his right to make choices, is crying out for his own freedom and no one cares to listen, only the suppression continues and this beer drinking accusation is but one of them

It's so political they can send battalions after battalions of Police personnel to attack innocent marchers who march for a civic and moral causes, but can't find the numbers to wipe out this scourge of drug addiction, to study in depth the 'Mat Rempit' problem and understand it to address it positively.

This Government is more interested in its political power it does not really understand the social issues it has given birth to by politicization, racialism and by inadequate and unqualified leadership and corruption.


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  1. I totally agree with you. Personally I believe that we do not need these polititions. From whatever party they may come from. What we need to run the country are professionals with good education and intelligence, and very good forsight. What we have are crabs!! Malaysia could be a much reacher country if not for these stupid polititions. My pers views. Major(R).